Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party

Martha Stewart (I’ll call her Martha because I want to feel overly familiar) and Snoop have had their show now for a few months and I have never gotten round to watching it. When it first came out, I read a review which suggested that Martha makes the whole thing awkward and Snoop was there to pick it up.

Speaking of Martha, anyone know why she’s worth almost $700 Million? I had never heard of her before she went to prison and even at that time, all I knew was that she wrote cook books and maybe had some TV show? I did some research yesterday (and by research, I mean googling her name and reading her Wikipedia page extensively) to try and see if I could get a better idea, nope… nothing. She has a TV channel, maybe makes clothes, did some modelling in her youth, was married to a Yale educated lawyer and did some time for securities fraud. Essentially, it seems like she’s a really rich Home Economics teacher? Side bar – did anyone else also think that some exec decided to pair them up because maybe they thought a stint in prison will mean Martha can relate better with black people? To be fair, Martha gives as good as she gets in the banter stakes and she does not look like she’s 75 years old! She sure knows how to make good use of her money.

Anyway on to the show. I got home while it was still light outside for a change and did something I don’t do very often during the week – flick through the TV channels and I stopped on BET. This show was on and I decided to check it out. I didn’t think a one off episode would give me enough to write a review so when that episode was over, I looked on the internet for another episode to give me a better idea of what the show is like.


The whole premise of the show is I guess a dinner party with Martha and Snoop cooking up the food in their “kitchen” (which is pretty cool by the way. It is split in two and Snoop’s work top is shaped like a Cadillac). While they cook, they are joined by guests who they kick it with. I liked the cooking segment in both episodes I saw. It just looked like a fun time. They had a DJ who would occasionally throw in random tunes while they cooked. Although sometimes, it looked like there were one too many people in the kitchen. In one of the episodes I saw (with Ashlee Simpson, Evan Ross and Snoop’s Uncle Rio), Ashlee Simpson looked a bit lost. Kind of like she was on the outside looking in.


Also from the episodes I saw, it seems like Snoop makes one thing on his side and Martha makes something else on her side. In one episode, they had a Chicken Wing cook out which was pretty cool. Although I have to wonder how the studio audience all got serves wings Snoop and Martha allegedly made if they only made a handful.


When the food is cooked, Martha, Snoop and the guests sit down at the dinner table to eat and it is in this part that things could sometimes feel a bit forced. It felt kind of awkward in the episode with Ashlee Simpson. It was better in the other episode (Ice Cube, Wiz Khalifa and Seth Rogen). Also note how they put all sorts of stuff on the table so you won’t be able to tell that the guests aren’t really eating their food. I have eagle eyes though and I could tell that Evan Ross barely touched his food.

All in all, I like the show, it’s something I can see myself watching more so because I took a look at all the guests that have been featured and it is a really interesting mix. At first, I thought it might be one of those things that make me happy anytime I watch it. I cooled off on that now but it’s still a good enough show

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