New Show Alert: Queen of the South

All it took was for me to hear the first line of the trailer “All over the world, I am known as America’s drug Queen Pin”. I didn’t even watch the rest of the trailer, I was sold already (Lay! shout out ;-)). You can probably already tell that Queen of the South is about the drug trade. I am here for all of that.

The show is about a lady called Teresa Mendoza who’s from Sinaloa in Mexico. She’s a petty currency exchanger for want of a better word and catches the eye of a drug dealer called Guero. Guero takes her in and makes her his girl. Obviously her life changes at this point. Picture merengue dance and music in your head. Teresa is the one dancing because she’s living the life.

The music stops when Guero gets killed and Teresa runs to Guero’s old boss (Don Epifanio) as advised by Guero. The Don is only interested in killing Teresa because she has something he needs. Teresa realises this and escapes but is captured by Don Epifanio’s estranged wife cum business partner and that’s where the fun starts. From what we know so far, Teresa starts out as a drugs mule and I can  only imagine she works her way up the food chain.

My first thought when I saw it was that it reminded me of something I had seen on the telenovella channel on DSTV and I wasn’t wrong. The show is the English version of a Spanish show called La Reina del Sul (Queen of the South). Both Shows are loosely based on a lady called Avila Beltran (aka Queen of the Pacific). She’s not as Badass as Griselda Blanco but she did have a high enough position in the Sinaloa Cartel. She has done time and is actually a free woman! (speaking of Griselda, anyone hear anything about Jlo supposedly playing her in a movie/tv show?).

This show comes at the right time for me because after I finished watching Las Chicas del Cable not only did I need a new show to keep up my spanish (although the Mexican accent is quite different from the Spanish one), I also needed a new show to get excited about. While we all wait for Narcos season 3 to start, this one will do nicely. There haven’t been too many drug related shows recently plus I don’t know much about the Mexican drug trade. I do know it is on the transit route from Colombia to the US.

I’m up to episode 3 now and I like where it is going. They haven’t quite told us how Teresa becomes La Reina (the queen). I hope I can find that out before the holiday is over :-p.

p.s suggestions for shows to review are welcome! This show started a year ago and I had no idea it existed! I need your help people!

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