Bachelorette Season 13: First Look

One of the things that have not been so apparent since I started this blog is how much I like reality TV. Like really like it. The trashier the better and I like it even more when the whole premise of the show doesn’t make sense. Something like ex on the beach. Who’s idea was that? (I like it though) of course there are the various WAG shows which I dabble in from time to time. Of course Love and Hip Hop is up there too (I understand that they are making a Love and Hip Hop Miami). I used to love TOWIE but I fell off because they just seemed to churn out season after season and you know, I had to conserve my data. My favourite reality tv show is the real world though. I can’t really explain why that is but binging on the real world will cure any pain I have.

I have never seen the Bachelorette (how is it in its 13th season?) but when I was in secondary school, I used to watch the Bachelor and Temptation Island (Remember that?). Later on Joe Millionaire came along (oh dear! Remember that one too?). A few months ago, there was a big deal made of the fact that the next Bachelorette will be black. I completely forgot about it until I saw a review of the shows first episode this week on the ringer. No prizes for guessing what I decided to do next.

This season’s bachelorette is Rachel (a trial attorney as the Americans say) who had her heart broken on the last season of the Bachelor. Apparently, the Bachelorette is chosen from one of the final contestants on the most recent season of the Bachelor. Can you believe the same guy who was hosting the Bachelor when I was in secondary school still hosts it?

Anyway, what did I think of the show? For one, the Bachelorette is pretty. I’m not really one for girls with a gap tooth but she’s right on that boundary of the gap not being too much and she has a pretty face. I didn’t understand why there were 31 guys though? This meant episode 1 lasted almost 2 hours. When you start watching at 10:30pm and have work the next day, you don’t necessarily want to spend all that time watching 30 girls trying to impress a girl. That sequence when each contestant gets of the Limo and walks up to the Bachelorette seemed like it went on for 1 hour – no joke. I kept wondering how possible it is to stand out especially if you are like guy 23. You’re stuck in the last third. There are a good chunk of guys after you and a multitude of guys have come before you. If you’re guy 30 at least, she will remember the last guy.

You could tell that each guy had put some thought into how to make an impression on the Bachelorette. Some guy walked in with a big block of ice and a huge hammer to “break the ice” get it? (I like corny jokes), Some other guy came as part of a marching band. Some guy came in and was speaking to the lady in Spanish – that was a bit too corny for me. There was a lawyer guy who made litigation jokes (Fail!), a guy who made her raise her arms up and close her eyes then proceeded to tickle her (creepy) Another creepy guy was some idiot names Lucas who screamed his catch phrase (waboom – or something like that and shook his head like a fool while at it). My top picks are a wrestler out of vegas who has a 10 year old daughter I think his name is Ken. I also like a guy named Diggy from Chicago. There was some guy who went to her high school but was 5 grades LOWER!

Some guy purred in her ear (creepy) then proceeded to cry when he was eliminated, saying that he didn’t even get the chance to show off his outfits. I thought what is wrong with this man? How are you a 31 year old who’s crying when he gets booted off a dating show. Speaking of tears, the guy who went to her high school had a few tears in his eyes because he thought he might not get retained. Of course the guy screaming waboom got retained (my take is that this was influenced by the producers). What’s really real in reality tv? I can’t imagine what he brings to the show other than nuisance values. He will get canned if he messes with the ratings but from producers point of view, he is valuable.

I didn’t like that I started picking the show apart as I watched it. Because of the number of guys, I was thinking of how long it took to film that sequence. When the guys were driving in, it was dark outside and it was light when some guys got eliminated and they kept saying tonight? Do you reckon they stopped filming it and came back the next day or did they film through the night? The Bachelorette was wearing heels, it’s hard to imagine she was in heels all night.

My favourite part of the show (and all reality tv shows) is at the end when they show a preview of what happens during the season. This season, we see them in some fancy European locations, apparently, someone has a girlfriend. Someone gets in to a fight and has a bloody eye. Of course there are tears, fireworks and kisses (lots of them). I will return to the Bachelorette at some point in the future. The only way to watch these things is to binge watch them. I will probably write a recap then. I did some snooping around and apparently, the Bachelorette got engaged.

We have a love story on our hands people!







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