American Gods – First Look

I saw the trailer for American gods a few days ago. Based on the trailer, I thought it would be worth checking out. I had never heard of the show before but from the trailer, I thought I could piece the show together. I mean it had a black lead who was imprisoned. There was some tragedy, he gets out and he seems to be fighting someone or something so up it went on my Monday watchlist.

At the start of the show, there are a group of guys in what I want to say was the 1800’s or 1900’s on some sort of voyage to discover a new land. They get there after several attempts and get spooked out and want to leave but can’t leave because of wind conditions. They then start to try and appease the “gods” so the wind can return. They start by gouging their eyes out then they proceed to killing themselves (barbarically I might add). In the middle of the massacre, the wind returns and they get on their ship and bounce. At several points during this opening sequence, I had to check whether I was watching the correct show. What does this have to do with what I saw in the trailer?

Anyway, the action shifts to the present day and the prison where we meet the main character. I forget his name on the show now but in real life, his name is Ricky Whittle. I knew his as the black dude from Dream Team when I was mildly interested in that show. I also understand he was in Hollyoaks. He popped up in Single Ladies (remember that show?) and I thought his American accent was awful. Thank goodness, no flaws were detected in his accent in episode 1. Back to the show, he finds himself in Prison and he’s set to be released imminently then tragedy strikes (I wouldn’t say what the tragedy was). He gets released from prison and runs into this weirdo guy on the plane. There is a bet and he basically becomes this weirdo guy’s bitch.

This all sounds very straight forward doesn’t it? Except that there are a lot of strange things also going on. The main character has these dreams and there is a moose with fire coming out of it’s eyes then there is also a magical coin. Towards the end of the episode, he has an encounter with this face mask like thing which looks like it is not real except that it is real and tries to kill him?

Fun fact, the main character referred to the fact that he  has only one parent and then we find out how this came to be. His mum (played by a Nigerian actress Yetide Badaki (no I don’t know her either) was having sex with a white guy and right as he was about to climax, her fanny ate him up (literally). I guess she stole his soul or something.

I’m sure someone who enjoys shows like this will have summarised it with more enthusiasm than me but from the first second, my one overriding thought was what exactly am I watching? Sometimes, I think I overdo it when I say that save for super hero/comic movies, I don’t like anything to do with science fiction. Judging by how unimpressed I was when they were chopping each others heads off in the opening scene, I probably wouldn’t enjoy game of thrones irrespective of all the recommendations I have received. Someone out there will love this show and will look forward to watching episode 2. That person sadly is not me. I’m getting off at this stop. Happy trails to anyone who keeps watching it!



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