Those Wizards are still Alive!

I don’t know where to start with this one. I wish I stayed up to watch the Wizards v Celtics last night because they served us a big dose of epicness! Before I go into details, let me set the scene.

  • Celtics were up 3 – 2 against the Wizards, if the Wizards lost the game, that would have been the end of their season.
  • Home teams facing elimination this season in the playoffs are 0-10
  • The Celtics players wore all black to signify the funeral for Washington’s season
  • Things have been testy between these two all season. Remember Isaiah Thomas already lost a tooth, Markieff Morris rolled his ankle and the two Kellys (Oubre and Olynyk) got into a keruffle.

Back to the game now it felt like a see saw affair and although the Wizards managed to snag a 10 point lead at some point, it didn’t last very long. I don’t remember a lead of more than 5 points in the second half. In the last minute, it seemed like the Celtics put together the right sort of plays to close things out.

Then this happened.

As you can hear the commentator say, the plan was to free up Bradley Beal to take the last shot which makes sense because he was their most consistent player on the Night (although he was 1-8 from 3 point land) but Marcus Smart shut those plans down and John Wall, gets the ball and drains the game winning three. This is a big deal because the Wizards were sooting under 20% from three at that point. They were 4/23. John Wall had missed all his previous 6 attempts at game winning 3’s in his career. Miss it and that’s it for the season. If he missed, I can already see the critics going at him saying he should’t have taken the shot, he had 7 seconds on the clock, he could have bought time to free someone up or he could have gone for the 2 but he shut them up!

Now the attention turns to game 7. The home team has won every game in the series and it is hard to bet against the Celtics at home. They will be up for that one with their season on the line. The Wizards are 1-5 in away games this post season so I’m not sure about this. Whatever happens from here though, as a Wizards fan, I think it has been a good season. I remember the terrible start to the year when I didn’t even think the Wizards would make the playoffs and I was starting to question this Scott Brooks thing. This off season, they just need to strengthen their bench and we will be good to go for next season. (sigh I have already written them off! Some fan I am!)

Final Word on Houston v San Antonio

I have written a lot about this and can’t understand why the pundits picked Houston to beat the Spurs. It was very clear to me that the Spurs were the favourites in the tie. You can’t bet against them especially since the Rockets brand of basketball is very streaky. It didn’t help that James Harden went missing. I’m rooting for the Spurs against Golden State and they better not crumble. Tony Parker being out might not even be that bad Dejounte Murray has filled in well and Lamarcus Aldridge finally came to the party and Kawhi should be ready to go for game 1.

As Tyson Fury wold say,

Let’s dance!

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