GTB has Ndani TV, UBA has Red TV, Access has Accelerate?

So Access Bank have their own version of UBA’s Red TV (which copied GTB’s Ndani). It is called accelerate. Apparently, it was around last year! When I found out UBA had their version, I thought it was pretty cool. I’m not sure why I thought differently when I found out about accelerate. It’s that thing about how big corporations are copy cats. For sure accelerate will struggle to get a foothold in the market because they’re way behind Ndani and Red TV and from what I have seen anyway, they aren’t spending a ton on marketing the way GTB and UBA have done.

The other reason I am not sure it is a good idea for all these bank’s to start their own tv thing is that it gives everyone the chance to become a tv show producer and this will no doubt result in what I like to call a proliferation of mediocrity. Some people have really good ideas and all they need is an outlet but with so many outlets, absolute gems risk being placed on the wrong platform. For example, if there were any gems on accelerate, there is no way I’d have known. I mean, until yesterday, I didn’t even know it existed!

The two Red TV shows I’ve seen – Inspector K and Our Best Friends’ wedding graded well on my judging meter so I decided I’ll check out another one I saw on youtube. It is called Here and Now. From the first second, I was confused and I didn’t understand it but I thought what the hell, it is only 17 minutes long, I can sit through something boring for that long – Wrong! I had enough after 6 minutes and I stopped watching. I noticed another show on the right which was called On the Real.

I thought On the Real was a Red TV thing but then when it started, I saw it was produced by accelerate. I liked the first scene and when something is 13 minutes long, liking the first scene is a key to keeping my attention for the rest of the episode. Anyway, the show centres around 5 young people who star in a reality tv show. It follows them around and shows how they mix real life and reality tv.

It is an interesting concept which I don’t think I have seen anywhere else which is good but some how, it doesn’t come across as very realistic in that it feels like a script that was written by someone who doesn’t live in Nigeria and thinks the concept will fly in Nigeria. (also didn’t appreciate the numerous interludes reminding you that you’re watching accelerate which is powered by Access Bank) Maybe I’m wrong in that I am out of the loop but I just don’t think there are “it girls” walking around with cameras following them with a bunch of friends who seem to be able to afford the finer things without having a clear source of income. That kind of stuff flies in TOWIE or Made in Chelsea.

Having said that, because the episodes are short, it might be worth watching to see where it goes. As I thought about writing the review, I thought that I might have to dumb it down and reduce expectations when reviewing Nigerian shows which I really don’t want to do because everything should be ranked using the same criteria but that doesn’t quite work when you look at these shows. You can tell these people put in a lot of time into making the show but unless I know someone who is on the show, the story line, acting and production aren’t likely to make me eagerly anticipate every new episode.

Apparently On the Real has been on the air since last year. I will probably have lost interest if I had to wait a whole week for the next episode but because all the episodes are out, I can go home today and check out the next episode.


PS – I think accelerate might be a joint venture between Ebony Life and Accelerate? Or maybe Ebony Life just produced the show


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