Dear White People: First Look

I took a break from Las Chicas del Cable to check out Dear White People last night. If nothing, the show has certainly stirred up conversations about race relations in the US. The show is supposed to take a satirical look about common misconceptions white people make about black people. I personally don’t mind the premise and like my man David Jacoby says, you’re allowed to be mean if you are funny.

Apparently, the show follows up on a film of the same name (No I never heard of the movie either) and it is set in the fictitious Winchester College. The lead character in the show is a girl named Sam who hosts a radio show called “Dear White People”. She’s the head of some black society that forms a small part of the black caucus (I guess association of black societies). I’m not really familiar with this caucus idea and my experiences of going to school in England differs from the American college experience.

To be fair, growing up, I imagined that my University experience would be similar to what is portrayed in Dear White people – fraternities, student politics, college cheer leaders, sports being a big deal etc. It didn’t really turn out like that. Although I did join the American football team once to see if I could get in amongst the Cheerleaders – FAIL!

Anyway, back to the show, I guess the caucus will usually meet to discuss campus issues that have an implication on their members. We also find out Sam low key has a white boyfriend which creates its own issues. I don’t think I am able to judge the show properly off one episode. I kept wanting more to happen. I mean it’s not that short (33 minutes long) but as you can probably tell thus far, I didn’t feel like there was a central theme which I could hold on to and base this post on.

I remember the episode coming to an end and thinking oh crap! Nothing memorable has happened and I have nothing to write about but I think the moral of the story might be that this is one of those shows that required you watch more than one episode before you judge it properly. I am a bit worried that it might be underwhelming. Apart from sports based college tv shows (Blue Mountain State, Friday Night Lights), I am struggling to think of a college based tv show that I think is decent (No Dami, the Quad doesn’t make the cut). I remember a few (almost 10 yikes! I’m old) years ago I used to watch Greek and I thought that was mildly entertaining but after a while it just felt… empty like I didn’t care what happened anymore. I think that might happen the longer this show goes on. I don’t know if that says more about the show or my age. Realistically after one season, how else can they stretch the story?

I have only seen one episode but I can already tell you that there will probably be a police brutality angle, there will probably be a snooty white, southern racist person, low funding for black causes which will cause a demonstration and any other news worthy race related story will find its way into the show. I know it’s funny but having said all of that, I will probably keep watching the show. Sad I know.

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