Raptors Go Fishin’, WSH v BOS and Hou v SAN Heat up!

As predicted the Raptors got swept by the Cavs. I am very disappointed in them. What’s the point of adding Ibaka and PJ Tucker if you aren’t going to at least take one game off Cleveland? How have the Cavs swept through the first two rounds of the playoffs for the second year running? Is the East that bad?

Speaking of the Raptors, where do they go from here? Kyle Lowry can opt out (he probably will), Ibaka, PJ Tucker and Patrick Patterson are free agents this year. Do the Raptors go all out and sign all those guys to decent deals so they can have a few more cracks at it while knowing they aren’t good enough? That’s probably what Doc Rivers would do but Masai Ujiri is more savvy and I’m interested to see how he approaches this. You can’t accept that your ceiling as a basketball team is the second round of the playoffs. Make some moves Masai!

I’m not going to waste any ink on Golden State v Utah. Utah are banged up and seem like they can’t wait to go home. My initial prediction was Warriors in 5. I don’t think this Utah team have it in them to pull one out of the bag

gone fishin

On to the games that actually matter!

Washington v Boston: Currently 2 – 2 but thins one could have been over in favour of the Wizards if things went their way. They blew a 16 point lead in game 1, were unlucky in game 2 which went to over time and Isaiah Thomas hit them for 53. They’ve won the last 2 games so you might think they have the momentum but if you consider that the home side has won all the games in the series so far and it is heading to Boston on Wednesday, the smart money is probably on Boston to take game 5. Unfortunately, I didn’t watch game 4 but I understand that the keys to the game were turnovers (Boston had 20 I think) and a 26 – 0 Washington run in the 3rd quarter. Now with their home crowd behind them, I don’t expect that Boston will miss as many shots or turn the ball over as many times. They will probably be fired up for it.

I like what Boston did on Isaiah Thomas in game 4. They trapped the hell out of him and forced (a) him to give up the ball and (b) someone else to be the hero.  Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley and I think Jaw Crowder combined to go 6-26 so it’s safe to say there was no hero in waiting.

As a Wizards fan, I hope they will continue to find ways around the Celtics but this has been a tough one to predict. If Washington had lost game 4, this thing would have been over in 5 but we are still here. Honestly at this point, I am expecting Washington like the other team I support (Liverpool) to let me down. I hope I’m wrong though because I think the Celtics will win game 5.

Now I know neither of these two teams can beat Cleveland in 7 games but I at least hope that they have enough pride to take one game off Cleveland.


Spurs v Rockets: Remember my original prediction was San Antonio in 7. When I read about everyone picking the rockets in 6, I believed the hype. After the Rockets lost game 3 on Friday, it reminded me that no one can see the future because the Spurs were pretty good and they dispatched the Rockets. The tables turned yesterday though and the Rockets did the business. Harden finally came to the party but what turned the game was the Rockets role players. Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon, Lou Williams and Ariza all had good games. Oh the three’s were falling too!

I wonder at what point the Spurs will miss Tony Parker? I thought Paddy Mills was going to fill in for him but they decided to go with Jonathan Simons who seemed to plug the gap very well. The Spurs definitely can’t go all the way with this team. All of a sudden, I feel like they aren’t that good. Apart from Kawhi, everyone else seems so – so. Hopefully the Rockets dispatch them in 6.

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