Las Chicas del Cable/Cable Girls – First Look

I stumbled on Cable Girls about a month ago and marked the 28th of April in my diary as the date it premieres.  I was finally able to catch the first episode yesterday. If Narcos taught us anything it is that Netflix + Spanish Series = Success so you can see why I was looking forward to it.

Except being 100% in Spanish, this show has nothing in common with Narcos. It is set in the 1920’s and follows the lives of 4 cable girls (cable girls are the medium between the caller and the recipient of the call so like the operator I guess). One cable girl is a petty thief/crook who finds herself in a pickle. All she wants to do is leave this life behind and run to Argentina. The other is the daughter of a General determined to work against her father’s wishes. Remember this is Spain in the 20’s and the General cannot understand why his daughter wants to work (or hang with commoners). The third is an innocent girl from the country side who left behind an aging grandmother in search of greener pastures and the fourth is a lady whose scumbag husband doesn’t want her to work.

So even if all four women have very different personal and social circumstances, they all want freedom. I don’t want to give too much of the plot away but that’s the basic premise. Although I have only seen one episode, the show feels like it has multiple layers to it. I can imagine that it will go in depth into the back stories of all 4 girls.

I don’t know about you but from watching Narcos, I felt like I was picking up some Spanish – you know, Muerte, Puta, Dios Mio, Ahora, Yo soy, No lo se etc. It has been a while since I saw Narcos but one of the first things you notice is that the accents are very different. Somehow, the Spanish accent sounds a bit more…refined. Smoother even. They roll their “R’s” a lot and they speak muy rapido (very fast) (see what I did there). In Narcos, the accent which is supposed to be Colombian is a bit thicker and they speak a bit slower. Safe to say that I was bamboozled by the speed at which they were talking in this show.

One thing which I find very strange about the show is the music. The show is set in the 20’s but the music sounds very contemporary with base drums and all sorts of instruments. At the end of the episode, the song they played sounded like it was Iggy Azalea. I really hope that was me hearing things because I refuse to believe it was Iggy Azalea. I also reckon that issue only happens with the English Version (the songs were also in English). I imagine the Spanish people wouldn’t take too kindly to hearing contemporary English music in a Spanish period piece.

One final word. If like me, your bank doesn’t let you pay for Netflix then you’re in a bit of a pickle. I tried to consult my alternative streaming sites and searches for both Las Chicas del Cable and Cable Girls came up empty. I didn’t even find any viable link on google or on Pirates Bay. Feeling like a sharp guy, I went to the Spanish Google ( and searched and I found it! Except it didn’t have English subtitles. I summoned all the Spanish I knew (plus what google could teach me) and I found Arabic Subtitles. I gave up after that and I got Netflix log in details (Big Shoutout Niyi!)

That’s it from me!

Buenos Dias (See what I did there?)


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