NBA Playoffs are Heating Up!

Things are Heating Up!!


Wizards v Hawks: The Wizards went 2-0 up then Atlanta pulled it back to 2-2. John Wall took it from there and yesterday they wrapped the series up. John Wall was phenomenal! Last night, he dropped 42 on the Hawks. The Wizards were up 21 or so and the Hawks came to within 3 and then John Wall had a fantastic block on Schroder then followed it up with back to back baskets. I like how he understands the best way to use his speed. Those assists! He calmly destroyed them in the 4th quarter. I think he had 19 points. He started going to the basket hard then he started dishing out assists then finally he whipped out his mid range jumper and when it started falling, you know that was the end! I’m a huge John Wall fan and I’m happy the way he’s playing. I think he’s a top 10 player right now honestly! Bradley Beal played his part too. He hit clutch shots and guarded Schroder well for periods. Markieff Morris was finally able to stay in the game and he played some good defence.

I don’t really care for the Hawks much but I was very impressed by my (other) man Dennis Schroder. He definitely came to party. He averaged 24.7 points and 7.7 assists.  Let someone tell me he didn’t earn his new contract. I think I mentioned this before but I fear for the Hawks next year. Milsap is probably going to leave in the summer, Dwight Howard can only play some defence, catch lobs and rebound some. He was a non factor in the playoffs. I’m sure they will find some players to sign but it seems like they’re going no where fast.

The Wizards face the Celtics next and my first thought was they can take the Celtics. Now I’m not so sure. The Celtics are starting to wake up now and no one know what would have happened if Rondo didn’t go down but I’m thinking of match ups and Avery Bradley can cause problems and Isaiah Thomas will make some noise. I guess it is time for Otto Porter to wake up. He can have a big role to play in this series. It starts on Sunday and I’m looking forward to it.

Cleveland v Toronto: I can go on and on and dissect the series like I don’t know Cleveland will win but I won’t waste your time. Cleveland in 5 or 6.


Golden State v Houston: I love the Rockets and everything but this is where it ends for them. I wish they could knock Golden State out but they can’t beat Golden State in a best of 7 series.

Jazz v Clippers: I agree with the great American philosopher named David Jacoby who said the best thing for the Clippers will be for them to lose the series. That way they won’t think they were close to anything. They need to blow the whole thing and start again. That’s why I’m not even checking for them. I love the Clippers and everything but Liverpool already have my emotions jacked up. Sorry Clippers, you don’t get the chance to do that too!

Jazz/Clippers v San Antonio: San Antonio aren’t as invicible as I thought they were. They could lose this series. They were pushed by Memphis and ended up gutting it out. Kawhi is playing out of his mind but the rest of the supporting cast have been inconsistent and I think that will be their downfall eventually. I really thought they would get to the finals and could go against Golden State. Unless Golden State significantly lose focus (unlikely) or suffer a health crisis, it will be Clevenand v Golden State again in the finals this year.

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