Our Best Friend’s Wedding: First Look

Last week, it was Inspector K, this week it’s Our Best Friend’s Wedding. I have seen adverts for the show on Billboards but I don’t know why it never occurred to me to check it out. Anyway, that changed 2 days ago when I started watching it.

It’s on Red TV which I now understand to be UBA’s answer to Ndani. I like the competition. Keep it up guys! Anyway, the show is about a bunch of friend’s in their late 20’s – early 30’s I want to say? For my money, it is the latest in the line of Nigerian series that examines life for “upwardly mobile” people in lagos. Off the top of my head, there is Gidi Up, Gidi Culture, B4 30, to an extent I’d put Skinny Girl in Transit in that category. Even with their flaws (which I will get to in a minute), these are all shows I enjoy watching.

The main character in the show is a guy called Charles played by Ill Rhymz (anyone know what his real name is?) who believes his mum is dying of Cancer and decides he needs to speed things up and look for a wife so he enlists the help of his 2 best (female) friends to help him find a worthy candidate (side eye at you Bisayo, you too Lawunmi). So they set him up on a series of 10 dates. The show also explores the relationship with his mum and best friend. I’ll try to keep the description to a minimum so that I don’t give anything away but also because I want to go off on a tangent.

The one downside to the show is that it has me looking for imperfections and when that happens you tend to lower the ratings scale. For example in a scene where someone was drinking Hennessey, the contents of the bottle looked more like apple juice than Henessey then there was someone waking up after having sex and sleeping through the night with her lipstick (and hair) intact! Also who sleeps with their watch on? I think I even saw a boom mike in one scene. Ill Rhymz’ acting can be a shade better especially when it comes to conveying emotion, shock or surprise.

On the other hand, Gbemi from the beat plays her role (as one female bff) well and although I don’t know anything about her, I feel like she’s a natural for the role because that’s really how she is in real life. Oreka (as the second bff) is decent. What really surprises me are the quality of girls they set Chris up on dates with. My, My, they were shocking. I wouldn’t talk to anyone who did me like that!

Let me just throw a few theories of mine out there. Please bear with me if you have seen the entire thing. Chris Attoh is sleeping with his secretary. I don’t buy this busy work schedule. Also Charles’ mum is dating the doctor (that one is really obvious). Charles gets with Jade (Oreka) – What are the chances that the wedding is between Charles and Jade? Time will tell.

For all the ticks against this show, it is something I will always watch. Over the past 2 days, I have seen 7 episodes. Granted every episode is between 10 – 15 minutes but I wouldn’t have watched anywhere near 7 episodes if I didn’t like it so that’s a plus. I’m not necessarily watching for the quality of acting. I like the story line and the direction of the show. All that’s left is for the other banks to have develop their version of Red TV and Ndani. I’m looking at you First Bank, you too Zenith Bank.


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