You Should Check out Snatch (The TV Show)

I stumbled upon this gem purely by accident. I was watching the trailer for Guerrillas and up next was a show with Rupert Grint (the guy from Harry Porter) and the only reason I clicked on it was just so I could see how rubbish the show was and mock Mr. Grint. As the trailer went on though, I became more interested. When I saw my man Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl, I sat up. What’s more, he was toting a shot gun in a bath robe like thing and people seemed terrified of him. Then there was Rupert Grint playing what seemed like a ditsy role. I saw London, I saw crime, I saw British humour and I was sold!

The TV show is inspired by but not based on the Guy Ritchie movie of the same name. This is the point where I say Snatch was such a classic and one of the seminal British movies except that I haven’t seen Snatch. I think I saw a bit of it once when I was younger but I wasn’t interested plus when I was younger, I didn’t get British humour. I’m more of a Rock n Rolla guy myself. I made that clear because if there are parallels to be drawn between the movie and TV show, I’d be none the wiser.

Anyway, Snatch is about a small time hustler (Albert) who’s the son of a notorious gangster (“gangster” is spelled with an “er” because we are talking about white, British guys). He’s a part boxing promoter and hugely indebted to a loan shark. He tries to double his money but he gets hustled by Ed Westwick’s character and loses his money. Bear in mind that 10,000 pounds of this money belongs to his gangster dad and he only has a couple of days to pay the loan shark or he will lose a finger and his mum’s flower shop.

Now speaking of Ed Westwick, he plays a Cuban gangsta (he Cuban so he can be described as “gangsta”) with an American accent who seems to dabble in a bit of this and a bit of that. He’s also short changing his missus who’s a club promoter for him. She ends up switching sides and joining the 3 amigos (see what I did there?)

I love Chuck Bass and everything but his supposed American Accent is whack. I think it worked for him at Chuck Bass because his dialogue was mostly slow and methodic. I don’t think he can hold the accent quite as well. Why couldn’t he just be British? Maybe we will find out in subsequent episodes. Apart from the accent though, I think he nails the eccentric mannerisms.

I have to save a word for Rupert Grint. He doesn’t over do things. He plays a posh kid who’s like the dumb one between Albert and his boxer friend. He’s in his comfort zone and it only took me 2 seconds for me to forget that he is the same guy that was in the Harry Porter movies.

I think the show is well done in terms of what it is trying to portray. It is very similar to Guy Ritchie’s style with the sped up camera angles, humour and even the dialogue. Some of the shows I have reviewed for this blog I’ll never watch again but this show isn’t one of them. It bangs!


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