Red TV Presents: Inspector K – First Look

If you read this blog regularly, you might not be able to tell but I am a big fan of the Nigerian produced TV shows. Gidi Up is my favourite and I understand from reliable sources that when season 3 comes out later this year, it will live up to expectations. I’m a huge fan of Skinny Girl in Transit and I even liked Gidi Culture. I looked forward to watching more episodes of Gidi Culture until I found out you had to pay. Eventually, I decided I’ll pay anyway only to find out you had to pay in Dollars  and First Bank still doesn’t let us do that so that was that. Special mention also goes out to B4 30 (I thought it got better as the show went along and it seemed like it ended on a dime. Will there ever be a season 2?).

I’ve dabbled with Tinsel as well but Tinsel is kind of like Eastenders. You go off it for a while and then it only takes you a few days to catch up. I also saw a few episodes of hush last year but it is a problem to watch anything that comes on tv because a) I don’t have a PVR decoder and b) I can’t guarantee I’ll be home at 8:30 or whatever time the show comes on. I’d rather watch it at my pace online.

I say all that to say this – I saw the trailer for Inspector K a few weeks ago and it was one of those things I marked in my diary to check out. Little things like recognising a few people in the trailer get me excited plus I liked the fact that the story line is not something you would usually see. The show is on produced by Red TV (through Suss productions I think) which I guess is a competitor for Ndani. They have another show called my best friends wedding (it just occurred to me that I should check that out – and I will).

Inspector K is about a detective with a knack for solving crimes using shall we say alternative techniques. When I saw the trailer, I thought he was more Inspector Clouseau from Pink Panther but after seeing episode 1, I think he might be more Sherlock Holmes. It is a bit difficult to rate the show after one episode because all that happens in that episode is a party followed by a murder and then Inspector K arrives on the scene. My first thought was that the party scene went on too long but then I saw somewhere that the aim was to introduce us to the characters which is fair enough.

You know we hold Nigerian shows to a lower standard and let little things impress us and I can understand why but I’ll try to judge the show objectively. There’s the bit where Inspector K arrives on a Vespa which I think was cool. I also think they should get a Pat on the back because the quality of the production didn’t have you nit picking but if I was watching a European or an American show, I wouldn’t have been impressed by an inspector arriving on a Vespa.

There is no verdict on the show thus far. I’m not sure when the next episode airs either but I am keen to see how it plays out.  I already have my murder suspect. I am still working on the motive. It is things like testing my theories out that get me excited. Hopefully that excitement keeps peaking and doesn’t fall in subsequent episodes.



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