5 things I like and don’t like (some of which have nothing to do with either hoops or TV)

Another Friday and it is time for me to jack a concept from a website I go on nearly everyday. The concept this week is to go through things I like and don’t like. Zach Lowe does 10 things he likes and doesn’t like but then again he has the whole week to prepare for that and I decided on a whim to do this 10 minutes ago.

Easter is (nearly) here!

One of the first things I do at the turn of the year is look out for what day Good Friday and Easter Monday are. Every year, it takes an eternity for those days to come. Once Easter hits then there’s Worker’s day then Democracy day then Eid El Fitr that’s at least 2 days off in each of the next 3 months. What’s not to like? Plus I am only at work for two days next week! Let the good times roll.

The Get Down is Back

I will do a proper review on Monday after I try to catch some of the new episodes that come out today. It is about a group of 5 guys (kids really) who have just formed their hip hop group. The leader of the group is caught in two minds. He’s scored an internship at some fancy company but the streets are calling him. Then his girl crush seems like she’s on the way to being a star. I didn’t think they could stretch the story much further but I’m interested to see where it goes.

Let Down of Small Businesses

Its all well and good that Instagram has given businesses an avenue to expand their reach but it is really irritating when they cannot deliver on their promises. I was expecting 3 deliveries today and it is 6:25 and I’m sitting here empty handed. Some tailor was supposed to make me an agbada. I said very clearly leave the button holes clear so I can use stud buttons. Of course he put some tacky buttons on the outfit. Hiss. The second person told me at 4:30 that the delivery man is in festac and will be at my office before 5:30. First of all that’s the stupidest thing ever. You can’t seriously expect the person you are delivering to to put his life on hold because you’re delivering something I paid for! Of course at 6:28 they’re not here and haven’t been courteous enough to offer an explanation. Lastly the third delivery person can’t even give me an estimate of when I will receive my package. All I get is when the driver is ready, he will come and meet you wherever you are. I’m all for supporting small businesses but I can’t come and go and die abeg.

Basketball Time

Kyle Lowry is Back!

… And it doesn’t look like he missed a beat! He dropped 27 point on the Pistons. (he played 41 minutes too). My worry is that he takes time to recapture his old form because of rust. He flamed out in the playoffs last year even if the raptors got to the eastern conference finals. To be honest, even if the raptors fire on all cylinders, I don’t see them beating Cleveland if they get to the eastern finals again and that makes me wonder what the point is. Do you fight so hard just to be shot down again? Whatever, I’m just here to watch quality Basketball

Playoffs are (almost) here

The first round of the playoffs are my best time of the season. Most of the wack teams are out and teams are fighting to keep their seasons alive. Every possession counts and each series has 7 games so that’s a lot of basketball over a 10 day period and I’m all here for that. I hope the Bucks stay in. They’ve lost 3 games on the bounce. While I think they will probably make the playoffs, they will get snuffed out really quickly if they don’t fix up.

Let’s hear it for Mr. Westbrook

I haven’t blogged too much about Westbrook’s imminent achievement partly because I am on the Harden train for MVP and because Westbrook is annoying sometimes but Westbrook is an absolute legend. I doubt that we will see anything like that in our lifetimes. Salute Mr. Westbrook!

Bon Weekend!

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