March Madness is Almost Done, Prison Break is Back and so is The Get Down

The Big Dance is Winding Down

I saw the final four game between Gonzaga and South Carolina (what kind of nick name is game cock?) Anyway, I was right about the Final Four being the last hurdle for South Carolina. I thought they’d be out of their depth but this was a bit of a nail biter. Gonzaga always had the edge but those game cocks didn’t know when they’re down. The physicality in the game was really funny. They just clog the paint and chuck 3’s. I feel like Gonzaga’s quality shone through in the end. For the first few minutes of the second half, they couldn’t find a way through but then their big bearded center started finding his way inside and they figured it out. Now they get to play for the ultimate prize on Monday. I like how there is only one NBA game on Monday. No one will probably watch said game anyway.  From a Gonzaga point of view, the game took on extra meaning since I read this piece by Adam Morrison in the Players Tribune (which is a great idea by the way). I wish he could do a follow up post to describe his feelings after the game.

I was looking out for Nigel Williams – Goss and I was a little disappointed? He didn’t take over the game but then again, I guess that might be expecting  too much. Watching the game, it dawned on me (I Know I’ve said this before) that not only are these guys kids, they aren’t even professionals and in many cases, they have class in the morning so it is unfair to dissect their performances.

Anyway, Gonzaga is in the Championship game and they go up against UNC (again, I was right about UNC winning that game). I think I have been spot on with all my predictions since the Elite 8 (shoutout to myself). I am picking UNC to win it all and avenge the pain of having it snatched from them last year. That would be some redemption/feel good story eh? It will also be a feel good story if Gonzaga pull it off. They had never even been to the Final 4 in their history and are a relatively small school with a legendary coach based out in Spokane, Washington. By this time tomorrow, they will be tears and joy and really, that’s what the big dance is all about.

Prison Break is Back tomorrow!!

I’ve been so excited about this for a while. At first, I thought it was back in January so imagine my horror when I checked in January and I saw that it was due back in April. Guess what though? that April date is tomorrow! I think watching Prison Break in my first year of Uni was the start of my relationship with TV. Season 1 of Prison Break for me is in my top 3 TV seasons ever. I remember my pulse racing in the episode where they finally escaped. I used to get so nervous watching it that I actually looked up ways to reduce your heart rate (turns out blowing in to your thumb does the trick, I can’t remember the scientific reasons why but doing it actually calmed me down for a minute or two). As time went on, especially around season 4, there were one too many twists and turns for me and that kind of sucked the fun out of it plus I think I moved back to Nigeria around that time for law school so I had to be selective on what I could download with my limited data. I never even finished watching the whole thing.

Having said that, why am I so excited about the return? Well for starters, some of the original gang is back. From the trailer I can see C-Note and T bag also has a bionic hand! apparently, Sucre is in there too. Michael is stuck in a prison in Morocco! I am excited because it’s almost like back to basics, i.e Michael trying to break out. It was the tension of him breaking out that got me on the edge of my seat in the first place. A big part of me is worried that it will be whack but I can only find out if it’s whack after I watch it so for now I’m happy with my unrealistic expectations. I’ll do a follow up post after I see the first episode. I read somewhere that it is just a 10 episode run but I can’t find that link anymore. I think they will achieve more if they keep it short and sweet.

The Get Down is back this Friday

I was drawn to the get down because the Executive Producer is my favourite rapper (Nas) and because I was eager to see how the birth of hip hop/MCing was portrayed. I really enjoyed the first 6 episode installment. Even if I tuned in for hip hop and rap, of course there is a love story involved. (Side bar: Can you believe Mylene is only 20! Lawd have mercy!). I like the Zeke and Mylene puppy ghetto love story. Seems like all the ends were tied up at the end of the first run so I wonder where the story goes from here.

I don’t like that I saw them having issues with the production. I hope they don’t muck this one up because I am excited about it.


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