My Very own AUX Chronicles… Vol I (Songs Making me Smile Right Now)

If you read The Undefeated (you probably don’t), you’d know that sometimes, they have these things called the AUX Chord Chronicles. The idea being to draw up a playlist based on a theme. They had one today and the theme was “to all the ladies in the place with style and grace”. It was fitting in many ways because the man who created those words was killed 20 years ago this month and apparently it is the month of the woman or something like that.

Like a good stan, I decided I’d make my version. Initially, I wanted to make my version of the ladies playlist but something like that takes preparation and I didn’t want to come up with a microwaved list which I’d come to regret later. I therefore had to come up with a more whimsical theme. TGIF didn’t work either because again, that would have been more time consuming (maybe next time).

The best whimsical list I could come up with was songs that make me smile right now. You see I have been listening to a lot of American Hip Hop Radio recently (Hot 97 and Power 105.1) and I have sort of gone back in time to 2003 – 2008. Most of the songs I have listened to over the past few months are American. I still don’t know what Quavo or Post Malone is but I bet I can sing along when their songs come on. In coming up with this list, where most of the songs I listen to are now American. The thing to bear in mind with this list is that these are songs I like.

I don’t know what is cool or isn’t but these are songs I am currently jumping up and down to when I’m on my lonesome 🙂

Unforgettable (Feat. Swae Lee) French Montana – Like I said earlier, I don’t know what a Quavo or Post Malone is. I definitely don’t know what a Swae Lee is either. From time to time, I have my little French Montana Obsessions . I’ve had Freaks with Nicki Minaj in my head, Can’t figure it out with Nas and Kanye in my head. Also Ball drop which I know is a Fabolous song but I love it. I feel like he is someone I should listen to a bit more because he is so laid back and he makes such feel good music. I like the flow of the song and the fusion of Swae Lee’s voice (I don’t want to call it soulful but it sounds like that) and Mr. Montana’s flows.

Selfish (Feat Rihanna) Future – I’m happy anytime a black man is doing well. It means he has money to feed his kids and in future’s case, numerous baby mamas. I actually didn’t like this song the first time I heard it. I thought it was too slow and too sad but it has grown on me. I like the line where Rihanna says driving backwards, taking all the wrong turns. There is something about song lines to do with vulnerability that get me so I just listen out for the line and feel emotional for Rihanna when she says it.

Slide (Feat Frank Ocean & Migos) – Calvin Harris – When you hear there is a song with all those three people, you know it’s a tune. It’s one of those where I only had to hear the first 10 seconds and I was hooked. Calvin Harris does a fantastic job with the production and Mr. Ocean seems to have good chemistry with Migos.

Used to this (Feat. Drake) – Future – It took me almost 10 or 20 listens to figure out what Future was saying. I still haven’t figured it out but with the little I understand, I love it! Again with those vulnerable lines. “Thought I had my back against the wall (for what?) tell me that I don’t deserve to ball”

Money Showers (Feat. Ty Dolla Sign) – Fat Joe & Remy Ma I thought Ty Dolla Sign was a rapper? This song gets me because of the Sample of a Ralph Tresvant song from the 90’s. I found out about this song right around when I saw the New Edition show on BET so you know I was all about anything to do with New Edition. The song has grown on me. Remy Ma and Dolla sign completely outshine Fat Joe on this song by the way. I can’t even remember he is on it.

Fall for you – B.Red – First Nigerian song on the list. Also first song without a feature. The song fits in with all the other 10000 Nigerian songs that sound the same. I like it because of the line in the chorus where he says Aisha, I love you but I no fit go Kano but I will take you around the world. I’m not sure if the writer of the line was aware of the irony in that line. Makes me chuckle inside every time I hear it.

Swalla (Feat Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla Sign) – Jason Derulo – I never thought I’d like a Jason Derulo song but this one was a banger from the first second. Nicki definitely bodies her verse. I also like the sample of an ODB song in there (I totally looked that up because I wasn’t sure what song it sampled).

Pain Killer (Feat. Run Town) – Sarkodie – I love Sarkodie. I never think he can have a bad verse. Of course that’s because I don’t understand a word of what he says. He and Run Town have chemistry and it is a feel good song.

Congratulations (Feat. Quavo) Post Malone –: Everywhere I go, they say congratulations, Worked so hard, forgot how to vacation. I don’t know who Mr. Malone is but I love the song. It has that vulnerable thing going on too.

Got me crazy (No better love) Feat. K. Michelle, Fabolous and Rick Ross Dj E-Feezy– I don’t know who DJ E-Feezy is but this song crept up on me and it’s all in my head. It’s such a feel good song. At least K. Michelle can sing. She wasn’t hitting any high notes but at least you can see she’s good enough to get a record deal. Her little solo in between the Fabulous and Rick Ross’ verses makes you feel good. I feel like she’s singing to me :). The song is a bit too short for me though. That’s probably part of its appeal. If you listen a bit closely, it seems like K. Michelle’s melody is similar to 1000 kisses by Will Smith and his wife which of course samples Never too much by Luther Vandross.

Party Animal – Charly Black: It’s such a singy songy dancehall tune especially when he says flip it like a flipagram. that line has been stuck in my head a fair few times. He does sound a bit like Elephant Man from 2003 but that’s neither here nor there.

Very whimsical eh? I just had another look at it and it definitely isn’t representative of my taste in music. I will do a post that’s more reflective of my taste in music down the line.

In other news

The Final Four starts tomorrow. I might do a post over the weekend depending on what drama goes on there. I still need to do an NBA post to get things off my chest but maybe I’ll do that after the NCAA Tournament is over and I’ll just do a big post looking ahead to the Playoffs, Lottery and Free Agency which is my favourite part of the season.

I’m still watching rubbish TV shows but haven’t come across anything worth writing about. Prison Break is back next week!!!! So is the Get Down! (You don’t know what the get down is?)

A Bientot! Bon Weekend!

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