And then there were Four

There was some more heartbreak over the weekend in the NCAA tournament. I find it touching when I see these kids crying after the tournament. I subconsciously think of them as real men but they are really just 18 and 19 year old kids.

Kansas were soundly beaten by Oregon. I didn’t see that coming. I watched them take Michigan State apart and although, I don’t know much about Oregon, I didn’t see this one coming. Kansas was one of my locks for the final 4. Shout out to Oregon for coming through. I’d love to tell you much about how Oregon will fair in the final 4 but I have no clue what they are capable of.

UNC v Kentucky

First of all, can I say I called this one right. In my post on Saturday, I had UNC shading it and guess what happened?  UNC shaded it! haha. I only saw the first half because I had a bad headache and needed to sleep but in that first half, even if it was only a 6 or so point game at the half. De’Aaron fox got into foul trouble and sat out most of the first half. He his a nice 3 and had a couple of good drives to the rim but UNC seemed to have the perfect defensive scheme to be honest. Bam Adebayo who I was looking forward to watching absolutely got snuffed inside. He is clearly physically strong and puts himself about on the boards. His offensive skills didn’t look polished to me though? He seemed a bit like Dwight Howard or Andrew Drummond. He might end up being similar for either one of those guys or Deandre Jordan but it is clear that his learning curve is steep.

On the NC side, I was impressed by the Pinson kid. He looks like a cross between Jason Derulo and Allen Crabbe. Funny combination right? I understand he just came back from a bad injury. I hope he makes it to the big league.

Unlike Lonzo Ball, the Kentucky kids have been mum about declaring for the draft. They probably want to have a press conference and announce it together. I hope Bam stays one more year to develop but if he is projected as a late first round pick, he will probably declare. He grew up in a trailer and I’m sure he wants to buy his mum a big house.


I had Nigel Williams Goss on my watch list because frankly his name popped up on PTI a lot and because of this article in the Players Tribune. In the article, he talked about how Gonzaga had never gotten to the final four. I didn’t think they’d make it there this year and what do you know? They’re there! They play against South Carolina who have been defying the odds on this fairy tale journey to the final 4. Smart money says The number 1 seed will win but it’s march madness for a reason and smart money doesn’t get you very far. SC for the upset?

I have North Carolina over Oregon in the other game by the way and I am going for NC to win it all! Let’s see how I do.

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