Elite 8 is here…. Happy Trails to the Sweet 16

The fun starts with the Sweet 16. This is where we see marquee match ups and big games. Of my 6 teams to watch, 4 still remain in the tournament. If UCLA didn’t play Kentucky, 5 of my 6 teams would still be in. Now there were some games on Thursday but to be honest most those teams weren’t on my radar except Gonzaga who came through a tough game against West Virginia. That game was very symptomatic of the College game. They were all crowding the paint and chucking up bricks. Absolutely zero spacing. That’s probably what makes the college game fun anyway.

UCLA v Kentucky

This game had a lot riding on it. As usual Lavar Ball has been running his mouth talking trash. If you look at my previous post on the Tournament, I thought this might be a bridge too far for Lonzo Ball and UCLA and that’s what happened. They relied too much on Lonzo Ball and Lonzo Ball didn’t come to the party. He didn’t dominate like I expected him to. He only had 10 points and had a bunch of key turnovers. You know who came to the party? De’Aaron Fox. I had noticed him before but was firmly along on the Lonzo Ball Bandwagon to pay attention. He balled out and showed Lonzo Ball up. He’s a crafty lefty point who’s quick as a flash and gets to the rim easily. When yo hear crafty lefty with speed and Kentucky who does that remind you of? (John Wall). Like John Wall at that stage, I’m not sure how good a shooter Mr. Fox is. To make it in the NBA, you need to be able to shoot. Like John Wall has learned. This game didn’t look like a typical college game. You had floor spacing, play calling and nothing was rushed.

An honourable mention go out to Malik Monk who was probably the second best player after De’Aaron Fox. I also looked out for Bam Adebayo. He didn’t set the world alight. Maybe he should stay in College for an extra year?

Anyway, straight after the game, Lonzo Ball declared for the draft. I can already see the question marks about his ability to take over games. I can see comparisons to Andrew Wiggins.

Wisconsin v Florida

This game is here because it saw the first game winning buzzer beater. It went back and forth into overtime. Check this out!

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Stuff of dreams eh?

South Carolina v Baylor (I kept an eye on this game for you Breezy!)

I was rooting for Baylor but their performance was very disjointed. They chucked so many bricks, the play calling wasn’t very polished either. it seemed to me like they play off momentum and instinct and when things ground to a halt, they didn’t have go to plays to get them out of trouble. The ball just stopped moving. I noticed the same thing in the West Virginia v Gonzaga game. West Virginia had almost 20 seconds and they couldn’t get a shot off! I guess these guys are kids so maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on them.

Elite 8 games are today and tomorrow. Here is my pick of the round

UNC v Kentucky – Pretty obvious pick eh? The game is between two of the most storried teams in recent NCAA History and game is at a decent time and I hope I can catch it live. UNC have a pretty good team and I don’t think they have faced a proper challenge yet. This one is a bit too close to call. Even if I like Kentucky better, I think UNC might scrape this one.

We will know the final 4 by Monday! Let’s Go!

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