…Shot’s fired is finally here! I read about it last year and I’ve been waiting ever since. I talked about the premise in a post earlier this week. It’s set in a city in North Carolina that I can’t remember and Tristan (Mack) Wilds stars as a young cop who kills a white kid in the name of Self Defence. The Mayor/Governor? Want to take things seriously so they bring in investigators. Now the question is are they bringing the (black) prosecutor in to protect the black cop or are they using the prosecutor in to show that the Police have it wrong and White people commit just as much crime? I have seen the trailer for the rest of the season and it is going to be one of those shows I like. It explores social issues, racial tensions and America’s problems really. Of course I’m sure there will be a love story thrown in there 😉

I always go on about how Tristan Wilds is a bad actor and it doesn’t seem like anything is different with this show. His happy face is his happy face, his sad face is his sad face and the only other facial expression he has is the one he has when he is confused and he grits his teeth. Yet this guy keeps getting jobs! I’m happy that I’m probably the only one that thinks this since he keeps getting gig after gig. Stephan James – some random Canadian actor does a very good job (in episode 1 anyway).

Sanaa (Baby) Lathan stars as the investigator. Right off the bat, she reminded me of Kalinda from the Good Wife except she has a kid who her baby daddy is trying to take from her. She seems detached /cold like Kalinda and you get the feeling that she’s very good at her job. Helen Hunt is the Mayor/Governor and she has an assistant who has adult relations with the aforementioned Mr. James.

I think it is a really good (deep) show which I will be happy to break down some more in the coming weeks. What’s is also interesting is how Fox has this love for black shows now? First Empire, then Star and now this one. Might be part of this whole black renaissance thing sweeping through Hollywood which I’m all here for!

In other news, the weekend is here. F1 is back this weekend, the second set of Sweet 16 games in the NCAA tournament is today (Look out for my post later today previewing the games). NBA is still going on but it’s dog days and I can’t believe I’m saying this but there are more exciting things on the table. One more thing. PRISON BREAK IS BACK SOON!! Only about 10 days away.


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