If you follow the NBA, you know there were 2 “incidents” aka “fights” this week. Everyone had something to say about the fights. My aim with this post is to break everything we can see in the short clips below. I’ll tell you who wants it, who doesn’t want it etc.

“Fight 1” Stephen Curry v Semaj Christon

Before we get into the “fight” (I don’t even want to call it a fight. It wasn’t even a dust up. It was what football commentators refer to as handbags) In the blue corner, we have Steph Curry who really needs no introduction. Reigning MVP and probably the person with the most people on his band wagon. Two things which DON’T endear him to me.

In the white corner we have Semaj Christon. I’m not going to pretend like I know who he is. I see his name on the box score from time to time and I think this is his second year in the league. Now for the moment of action

Now what’s going on? it appears that there is a Jump ball and Mr. Christon is trying to hold his position. Curry seems to me like he’s trying to act superior. Christon is pushing like he means it because this job is important to him curry is arrogantly pushing with his left hand. First thing you see is Westbrook Jump in with full force. My man! as Westbrook jumps in, the Skirmish starts. Now I will tell you who wants it.

Taj Gibson- He definitely wants it. He jumps in there and pushes Curry away. Curry doesn’t want it, he’s not pushing with his hands (which is smart by the way. Those arms are worth a lot!). He’s kind of holding Taj and gets pushed away.

Draymond Green is here for all of it by the way. he jumps straight in to show some muscle and protect his MVP. Christon gets lost in the whole thing.

What is Iguodala doing? He and Klay Thompson want none of it. They slowly walk to the action while Draymond Green jumps in.

One person I thought would be in the mix is Steven Adams. I know he doesn’t mind getting stuck in but he stays away until the last second when he restrains Pachulia. By the way, what is Pachulia doing? He should have been first on the scene. What do you think they pay you for Mr. Pachulia? You’re there to protect Curry. The way Westbrook was fighting, you would have thought he was the muscle!

I really wanted to pick a winner in this fight but that winner can’t be Curry and it also can’t be Christon. For me, the winners are Draymond Green, Taj Gibson and Russel Westbrook!

“Fight 2” Robin Lopez v Serge Ibaka

I root for Ibaka because he’s African and because he’s a pretty decent Basketball player who is going to sign a Monster contract this summer. Ibaka has had a very difficult season. He was wasting away in Toronto before he was saved by Ujiri and brought to Toronto. The Bulls have had a weird season too. They aren’t going to the playoffs, Wade is out for the season and they have a horrible team! I’d be mad too!

Now, this was more of a fight. Here is what happened. Jimmy Butler sinks a 3. Ibaka catches the ball and Lopez is in his personal space. Ibaka nudges Lopez away with his elbow. Lopez gets the hump and slaps the ball away, there is a bit of shoving and the ref steps in. Both guys are shoving each other and Ibaka is trying to get a hold of Lopez’ jersey. Lopez throws a punch which ibaka dodges. Ibaka throws one of his own which grazes the side of Lopez’ head. Ibaka gets tackled to the ground and the whole thing clears up.

On to the analysis. Unlike Mr. Curry, these two guys are clearly incensed. They are not interested in being held back. The ref also steps in pretty quickly so the shoving can’t be too violent. You know the first person who wants it? Jimmy Butler! see how he sprints to the scene of the action like a boss. To be fair, there are a lot of people jockying so I can’t tell which guys don’t want it. However, I’d like one Mr. Rajon Rondo to step to the front of the congregation. Notice how when the scene clears up Rondo steps in like a tough guy. I actually thought he was in the middle of it all until I watched it all and saw that he came in after the dust settled. LOL at you Rondo.

What I really want to focus on is why didn’t those punches land? I really beleive Ibaka would have gotten clocked in the face if he didn’t have quick reflexes but I’m not sure what Ibaka’s excuse for missing is. You have a 7 foot tall guy standing in front of you and you miss completely! Do you think he missed on purpose? I’m not quite sure.

Now we have to pick a winner. Much like the other fight, there is no clear winner. I am going with Ibaka though because Lopez threw a cheap shot which didn’t land and slapping the ball away makes him look like a fake tough guy! Oh and Brook Lopez (Robin’s twin brother) says he will pick Ibaka if both guys fight. That’s reason enough for Ibaka to win. Notice that the Raptors were 16 points down at the point of the fight? They came back to win.

I’ve liked this fight breakdown. Not sure if I should wish for more fights but oh well, let’s see how it goes.


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