Iron Fist: First Look

My mind has been pre-occupied with Basketball (NCAA at that) over the past week or so. Never did I think I could get this excited about the NCAA but I love it. My eyes have been off series in that sense but in the back of my mind, I knew Iron Fist was going to premiere on the 18th of March.

So,  Marvel and Netflix are back with the next installment of their collaborative efforts on super heroes. I had the chance to binge watch Jessica Jones and Luke Cage over Christmas and to be fair the premise of both shows are sort of similar. “Super Humans” who have suffered some sort of personal tragedy trying to get by until a villain steps in and it seems like the world will end. The back and forth continues until some how the “Hero” wins.

That is a terribly simplistic analysis of the premise but it works. I love it. Although you know broadly what will happen, it is fun to follow the twists and turns. Of course the main character always has a love interest and it seems a dysfunctional family situation is a given.

I won’t pretend like I read Iron Fist comics as a kid or that I know who the hell Iron Fist is. The expectation of the simplistic formula above attracted me to it and so far (through 2 episodes), I am happy to say that it hasn’t disappointed. Danny Rand survived a plane crash with his parents as a kid and ended up in some sort of half way plain between heaven and earth where he was mentored by some monks. He somehow left the plain and ended up in New York (why are these things always set in NY!) to find out that his family’s business has been taken over by partners who obviously want nothing to do with him because he might be entitled to 51% of the business.

In terms of what exactly his power is, we don’t know too much yet but in episode 2, we learn that he is the iron fist and if you beat him up real good, his arm lights up and he can punch through anything. There is some martial arts teacher who I am willing to bet will be his love interest. (I like a good love story). Remember Erin from 90210? The one that dated Dixon and was bi-polar or whatever she was? She’s here and she has long hair. Apart from that, I don’t recognise any other actors but so far, it is giving me what I need and since it is on netflix, I don’t have to wait a week for the next episode. I can just go home and watch is. That is exactly what I plan to do right now!



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