TV & Hoops Preview Mar. 20 – 24


The  hype around the NCAA Tournament is not for show. A lot of drama went down in the Tournament over the weekend. The first set of games were as expected  expected (I didn’t expect Northwestern to beat Vanderbilt though). I’m not even going to lie, all I was interested in was with 1 or 2 seed was going to fall and how Lonzo Ball was going to fare. In terms of seeds dropping, Michigan (7 seed) beat Louiville (2 seed). Michigan are famous for their team in the early 90’s with MY MAN Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Chris Webber (traitor) and two other guys who’s names I don’t remember. They had a decent team and I think they got to the final four a few years ago with Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway and (I think Stauskas was on that team too?). Anyway, in my opinion they have lived off that legacy and by many accounts, they are more of a Football school. Beating Louisville was a big achievement because Rick Pitino has those guys well drilled! Fun (or not so fun) fact. They had a scare with their plane earlier in the year and they have been balling off ever since that near death experience.

I was watching MSU v Kansas yesterday and Kansas is just the same. The players are well drilled and know their sets. A friend of mine went to (and roots for) MSU so I watched the game for banter purposes but what I noticed was that the Kansas players had a better system. Another thing that caught my eye was that the half court sets are crisper in the NBA (duh!) but it was really cool to watch.

Upsets have started already and Wisconsin (Wisconsin?) dumped Villanova out of the tournament. The defending champs are out in the first weekend! it was a really close game and I agree with Mike Wilbon when he says that times have changed since there are so many one and done players, it is hard to talk of any real dynasty because the teams change so much from one year to the other so although Villanova were a 1 seed, you can’t compare them to the team who won last year because it’s not the same team. Shoutout to Wisconsin for the win though.

Another big seed that fell was Duke. They fell to South Carolina! What is South Carolina please? I wish I saw the game so I could break it down a bit more but I understand Duke didn’t seem up for the game and when they woke up, it was too late. Good riddance anyway. I typically root against Duke. Don’t ask me why, maybe it’s just my love for the underdogs plus my distaste for a knuckle head named Grayson Allen on the Duke team. Another reason I wished I saw the game was to see if the guy can ball.

Anyway, back to UCLA and Lonzo Ball, I didn’t watch either their game on Friday or Sunday because they came on late but I saw glimpses and I was impressed with the way he controlled the game. It got me thinking? what team will he fit in when he’s drafted. I see his dad talking about the lakers but will they draft him if they have Russell? Boston have Isaiah Thomas, I don’t see them using that Nets pick on another Point Guard. Ditto for the 76ers who have plans of playing Ben Simmons at the 1. I guess the Kings could use him but I would’t wish the Kings on anyone. Can’t wait for the draft/playoffs to come round.

Looking ahead to the next round of games (Sweet 16), UCLA v Kentucky  is the game to watch it really should be a finals type match up. The viewership numbers for the game will proably be crazy. Although I am rooting for UCLA, I think that might be a bridge too far for them because Kentucky are full of mercenaries and have a pretty good system. They also have a guy by the name of Bam Adebayo. You know I am a sucker for a Nigerian name. He’s American really but I have him on my radar. I hope he declares for the draft this year and gets selected in the lottery. Remember where you saw his name first!

There are a bunch of other games on Friday/Saturday and 5 of my 6 teams to watch are still in (UNC, Kentucky, UCLA, Kansas and Gonzaga). I love it. I’ll do a proper Swwt 16 preview on Friday


Look out for Shots Fired I have high expectations for this show. I feel like it has the potential to be this year’s version of The Night of. It has that Police shooting innocent civilian story line except in this situation, the Police Officer is black and the victim is white. I think it will be compelling and I hope it doesn’t disappoint. It stars Sanaa Lathan (Sanaa Baby) and Tristan Wilds (from the preview alone, I have already seen his 3 facial expressions so nothing new there)

Iron Fist is out on Netflx by the way, I won’t lie and say I know anything about Iron Fist or say that I was looking forward to it. Having said that though, I have enjoyed all the other Netflix/Marvel collaborations – Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil. I saw the preview and I expect much of the same with a love story angle thrown in (very important). I will find time to watch it this week and run the rule over it at some point this week.

That’s enough from me. Have a good week!


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