Designated Survivor is Back!

… Well it came back last week. I discovered the show during the dog days of December when I was waiting for everyone’s holiday to begin and it is one of those shows that didn’t take too long to get me. That’s partly because it deals with politics in Washington. These days that politics comes with a side of terrorism which is fine as long as it’s not Politics and Terrorism in the sense of Scandal which I absolutely cannot stand. It has a little less politics than House of Cards and a bit less terrorism than Homeland.

I’m fine with that balance because you don’t want too much politics or too much terrorism. The whole point behind the show is a little known rule that when the U.S president is giving his state of the Union Speech, a member of congress is held out just in case the Capitol is blown up and everyone dies. Well Well, what do you know? The Capitol gets blown up and everyone dies and the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (who was about to get canned) gets tabbed to lead the Country and ensure their safety in very uncertain times. Since the whole congress got blown up, he has no cabinet nor law makers.

You can tell what kind of challenges he will face as a result. Add to that the fact that he has selected a Vice President who happens to be a rat and it’s all very exciting (for me anyway). Normally the Adrenalin in all these type of shows is a bit too much for my heart. I feel like my heart can take whatever is generated by this show. I mean we can debate some of the finer points in the show about what is and isn’t realistic but I’d rather enjoy the show (and I actually am enjoying it). If you notice I’m trying to keep spoilers wrapped up.

Kieffer Sutherland stars as the President and I think he conveys that vulnerability very well in the first few days as President. Karen from Californication is his wife. Maggie Q aka Nikita stars as the do it all Secret Service Agent (no surprise there). You should definitely check it out if you get the chance. It is one of those shows where you get excited about what might happen next.

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