Big Little Lies is a Weird Show

I started watching Big Little Liars recently. The trailer doesn’t give too much a way but I saw it was produced by HBO and was interested immediately. First impressions? I’m happy Reese Witherspoon is on TV again. I don’t remember what the last notable thing she did was but at least she’s getting them cheques (word to Jalen and Jacoby) for entertaining people. Nicole Kidman is in it as well. I also finally get to watch Shailene Woodley. I have heard that name so many times and I had no idea who she was.

It is described as dark comedy and I wondered what that was. Truth be told I was a bit bored when I was watching it. At different points, it almost felt as if I was watching it for a science experiment. Not sure if I was/ why I was distracted? It is set in Monterey, California. The main premise is a lot of housewives and the Drama that comes with them. Initially I thought this was a revamp of the Desperate Housewives concept but it really isn’t because immediately the show opens, there are interviews with some of the residents in the city about a murder. We don’t know who died yet.  (come to think of it, didn’t Mary Alice kill herself in episode 1 of desperate housewives?) My money is on Nicole Kidman being the Murder Victim. I just can’t see her being a regular on a TV show.

Back to the Desperate Housewives comparisons, there is a new resident with a weirdo son in the town. Said (6 year old) son is accused of assaulting a fellow student. The kid has such a menacing look and is being portrayed as a villain of sorts. They’re trying to make us think of him as the killer. I don’t even think the killer has showed up yet in the series at this point (I have only seen 1 episode) and if we discount my theory about Nicole Kidman being the victim, we might have seen the victim yet.

When I was watching it, I thought there is no way I am watching this again. It just felt a bit too creepy for me. I think I might give it another go though. Season 1 only has 7 episodes.


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