Prelude to the Weekend

It’s the best day of the week! I have your weekend run down

NFL Happenings

I got into the NFL around playoff time this year so I haven’t been able to come with the heat on NFL related stuff but something came on my radar this week. NFL Free Agency started and I will probably not do it justice. Having said that, I noticed one or two things.

Seems like RGIII’s days in Cleveland are numbered. They traded for a man by the name of Brock Osweiler. Given the nature of the NFL, who knows what the Browns will do with Oswiler. Whatever they do, I reckon RGIII is done because I think they have 11 picks in the draft this year. RGIII got me on the NFL bandwagon in his rookie year with some electric displays so I have always rooted for him to do well but it seems like that first season was a flash in the pan.

Moving on.. I wonder where Tony Romo ends up. I’m on the Dak Prescott bandwagon. I fell off the NFL for a few years and haven’t really witnessed his brilliance. I  hope he gets a starters job because I want to see what the fuss is (was?) about.

Lastly I have an eye on Adrian Peterson. Still can’t believe the Vikings let him go. I don’t think he fits in the Patriots like I have heard and I don’t know much about the other teams offenses to say where he will or won’t fit in. Let’s see how it plays out.

Designated Survivor is Back

I got into Designated Survivor over Christmas and I was bummed when I realized they had a mid season break. Well those 3 months have flown by and I’m happy it is back. On Monday or Tuesday I will try to write a run down on Designated Survivor.

Nothing special going on elsewhere. I fell off last week and hardly watched any of the usual stuff. Hopefully I can go one better this weekend.

In other news, March Madness starts next week! Also look out for the post on Biggie tomorrow.

That’s it from me. Have a good weekend!



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