Thoughts on NBA Happenings

A lot has happened in the NBA this week but I have been a bit busy and I haven’t been able to put this post together. I want to touch on a number of things but the first one is:

The saga in Lala Land

Brief Background- the Lakers are owned by the Buss family. The  patriach died in 2013 and left it in the hands of his kids. Jeanie managed the business side (effectively she was the Boss) and Jim ran the basketball side. in 2014, Jim said he’d quit if the Lakers weren’t good. Well the Lakers aren’t good now and so his sister fired him. I thought that was shocking enough but now I find out that he and his older brother tried to call a snap board meeting to fire his sister from the board of the Company. Unfortunately, they didn’t get any support but I thought that was a sucker move. Who does that? Jim Buss always struck me as a hypocrite. Not sure why. I think it might have been that time he promised Phil Jackson the Lakers job then went back on his word then hired Mike D’antoni. He reminds me of a character in a movie that you don’t like. Anyway there is a good piece written by Ramona Shelburne that breaks it all down.

The Injury Bug and the State of the Warriors

Just when I thought the Cavs were ready to steamroll everything in the playoffs, Andrew Bogut breaks his leg 58 seconds after coming on for his debut! You can’t make this stuff up. I guess the lesson is not to act like you can see the future because anything can happen. The question is how much of a difference does this make against Golden State? The answer is not too much but against teams like the Raptors and Wizards, Cleveland could run into some problems. I think I will hold off on making any hasty decisions on who might win because remember Kevin Love is still out and will only have about 2 weeks to ramp up until the playoffs. Who knows if he will relapse?

Speaking of Golden State, by my count, they have lost 3 of 5 and yesterday, the splash brothers were like 2-10 from 3 point land yesterday. Without Durant, it seems like they have lost their swagger. They look mortal now. There is no way they win it all without Durant and I think that it because you can chase Curry and Thompson off the 3 point line but if Durant is there, he kills you. I can”t say I’m mad about their form. Draymond Green will shut his pie hole for once too!

Other Happenings

The Spurs are my dark horse to win it all. Kawhi Leonard has been showing his MVP chops recently, man handling people on defense and coming up clutch on offence. I’m not quite  sure how their weapons will be deployed to wreak havoc but I put my faith in Greg Popovich. In other news, shoutout to my Wizards man! my blood pressure has been steady of late. I am liking this improved bench. I wish they had a better wing than Kelly Oubre on there but if they make it to the semi’s of the eastern finals, that will be a good season. Also big shoutout to Seth Curry coming up in Dallas, I’m really happy for him. Since the All Star Break, he is averaging 23 points and shooting over 50% from 3 point land! Big boy!

That brings me to the end of this post. Hope you enjoyed it. It’s friday tomorrow!



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