The Quad: First Look

If you ever wondered how I find out about these random series, I read a lot of random websites about”culture” and I usually look out for new shows. I tend to stay away from anything to do with science fiction or medieval stuff (that includes game of thrones). During one of such random readings, I came across The Quad.

I was attracted to The Quad because it is set on a college campus. Growing up, I always imagined that going to school abroad would mirror the American College experience. I always thought I’d end up at a school with a rich sports history, University of Kentucky, University of Michigan, Michigan State, USC, UCLA, Duke, University of North Carolina etc. This is partly responsible for why I thought it might be a good idea to join the American Football team at University (you know, to be friends with the jocks and hit on cheer leaders ;)). Luckily, it didn’t take me that long to realise this was a stupid idea (but that’s a story for another day). Needless to say, real life was different from fiction.

Anyway, since I did not live out this idea, I still watch college shows to pick up from where the dram left off. This is why I’d watch a show like The Quad. Anika Noni Rose stars as the President of the fictitious Georgia A&M University and judging from episode 1, the school is struggling with financial issues and she had to dip into her joint account with her husband to pay an overdue water bill. We also get to find out that she left her old job because she had an affair with a student (ooh).

We also deal with her family issues – her tetchy relationship with her daughter and her husband (who must be smarting from the fact that she cheated on him), the football coach who’s backstory we will find out soon (I bet she sleeps with him. I sensed too much sexual tension). Jason Pitts from the game stars as an alumni who runs strip clubs and other things who is now a benefactor of sorts to the University.

The show reminds me of other college shows like Friday Night Lights and Blue Mountain State but so far, it is less “Jocky” and I guess it tackles social issues a bit more (a student is held on suspicion of Murder in Episode 1. I think there is a sexual assault story line coming up in some other episode.

Here is my verdict: The acting is so so, same goes for the story line. It is probably not going to keep you in suspense and it is not a stellar cast. Will I watch it? Hell yeah! I live for all those mediocre things. Sometimes I just want to watch something light-hearted that won’t task my brain too much. This show is perfect for those times.



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