It’s the Weeeeekend!

It’s that time of the week. Here is the weekend rundown

Mr. Selfridge

I’m getting into this show now. I just finished watching the second episode and I’m liking it. I’m happy to report that Jeremy Piven’s character has started his philandering! He even got his side chick a flat in St Johns Wood! (MY MAN!!). Honestly still cant divorce the fact that it just seems like Ari Gold started the Selfridge’s store. Like I said before Jeremy Piven is either incapable of separating himself from Ari Gold or Mr. Selfridge and Ari are the same person (I still don’t care which is true). Away from Jeremy for a second. There are a few other things I am interested in. Will Mrs Selfridge go back and look for that painter? The guilt in her face was a sight to behold at the airplane viewing. Also the lady that works in Merchandising. Don’t remember her name but I feel like she will grow into a central character in the show. I’ll definitely try to catch a few more episodes this weekend.


I’m really supposed to talk about the show Girls which I used to watch but fell because they were taking their time to release the new season or I was preserving my data. Can’t remember which one it was. I just saw this picture of Lena Dunham.

What is wrong with this Woman?

I actually thought it was paint or something. It is an actual tattoo! Can you believe this? When your grand kids see this picture online, are you going to tell them you were trying to copy Riri? Anyway, sillyness like that is why she was my one time hero. I also think I will dive back into Girls this weekend. Let me find out what the girls have been up to.

NBA Happenings

The Wizards are kicking ass man! They beat the best team in the NBA and the 3rd best team  in the East! All in a week’s work. The game against the Warriors was very interesting. They went toe to toe with the Wizards and were the last team standing. But it also raised some more serious questions. In my post on Wednesday, I said the Warriors will struggle without Durant (mind you he’s out not for a few months like I said but 4-6 weeks probably) anyway. They’re really struggling. Curry is something like 2-23 from 3 point range over the last 2 games and the Warriors have dropped 2 games in a row for the first time in like 147 games. They lost to the Bulls! Klay Thompson is shooting bricks as well. Paddy Mcgraw (No I don’t know him either) started in place of Durant. Durant is projected to be back before the playoffs so maybe that’s where respite will come but the Warriors look out of sorts. I know I wanted them to lose anyway but I can’t have an under strength team losing. I need them to lose when all their best players are there so Draymond Green can shut his pie hole!

Gonna try and catch the Wizards and the Raptors today. I’m a bit worried for the Raptors. Kyle Lowry is out for 6 weeks. He gives them instant offence and he’s their floor general. Cory Joseph is good but he’s not a starter. I looked at the box score from their last game and apart from Derozan and Ibaka, everyone else was a dud. JV is going to have to step up. The Cavs are still my pick to come out of the East but the Raptors need to give them a tough time. In other news Terrence Jones has joined the Bucks until the end of the season. Giannis needs help with both Beasley and Parker out, the Cavs loaded up the paint in their last game and frustrated him. They need floor spacers and he needs to develop a mid range game.  Kind of like Blake Griffin has done.

One last thing I’ll keep up with the usual suspects – Greys, ANTM , Being Mary Jane, Star, the Breaks etc. Liverpool play Arsenal and I’ve completely fallen out of love with football for the moment. A win against Arsenal only makes a marginal difference. I am over it!

That’s it from me!

Bon Weekend 😉


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