KD Comes a Cropper, B. Jijjy is headed to Washington and other NBA Happenings

If you follow the blog, you know that when Cleveland signed Deron Williams and positioned themselves to sign Andrew Bogut, I thought that made them slight favourites for the title (at the very least it evened the balance). Last Night KD hyper extended his knee and hobbled off the court when the Warriors lost to the Wizards (my Wizards are coming. I thought I told you!) anyway, I think a hyper extended knee isn’t much to worry about. KD’s good friend Michael Beasley also hyper extended his knee and the initial prognosis is 3 games for now so I don’t think it is too big a deal. Now here is where I am going with this. Injuries play a big part and even with me saying the Cavs are favourites, I am neglecting the fact that Kevin Love is out until just before the playoffs (who knows how long he will take to find form).

The good news from a fans perspective is that things are not as set in stone as we think. Things might still change. People are sleeping on the Spurs (I’m one of them) but the Spurs will be a good match for the warriors if they don’t have KD (remember they have no Bogut or Harrison Barnes either). Who replaces KD? I heard they are going to sign my man Matt Barnes. I love Matt Barnes but he won’t be the X factor in a series against the Spurs. Actually maybe Iguodala starts in his place but Iguodala hasn’t shot the ball well in years. I am loving all of this from a neutral point of view.

*Update: Looks like KD is out for a few months. Trouble in Golden State. Hahahahaha. Not so smug now are you Draymond Green?

B.Jijjy in Washington

Brandon Jennings was waived by the Knicks. When I saw this, I was a bit worried because I thought that’s the end of his time in the league. Then I heard he asked to be waived so he can go and play on a contender. I thought my Wiz could do with help off the bench. Trey Burke isn’t cutting it. I have said time and over again that the Wizards don’t have strength the bench but with Bogdanovic and now Jennings, they have some life on that bench. They’re still the 4th best team in the East. I don’t care! Second round of the playoffs will be a decent season for the Wiz.

Chris Webber is the face of a new show on TNT

I stumbled on this show yesterday and the whole premise is to get a bunch of players  together to watch and discuss basketball in a similar setting to Inside the NBA with Shaq, Ernie, Barkley and Kenny Smith. It will run for 5 weeks. Not sure what happens after that 5 week run. Chris Webber has been involved in the media long enough to know how it works and I noticed him trying to get the other Panelists involved. The other panelists were Isaiah Thomas (the original one), Chris Bosh and Baron Davis. By far my best panelist was Baron Davis. I was a bit of a Baron Davis groupie when he was a player and I liked his point of view. KG was in area 21 as well. I think they should change the setting. It looks too much like a parody of Inside the NBA. The studio arrangement is exactly the same. While I welcome the addition of another basketball show with former players, I can count at least 4 similar shows apart from this one (Inside the NBA, NBA Countdown, The Jump, The Starters (sometimes) with former players. I love it but I just wonder if the market will become saturated. I mean there are only so many opinions you can offer on one topic no?


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