Jeremy Piven is Mr Selfridge

Mr. Selfridge

I haven’t seen anything with Jeremy Piven in it in a while. Yesterday, I was reading something and I remembered he was supposed to be playing Mr. Selfridge in a story about how the Selfridge’s department store. I thought it was something that would appeal to me so I decided to check out the first episode.

How has this show been out since 2013 and I had no idea?

The first episode doesn’t exactly tell us when it is set but if Mr. Selfridge says it will be open in a year (I doubt that happened seeing as his major investor pulled out shortly after he said that),  if it finally opened in 1909, let’s say it is set in 1907. I initially thought the show will depict Jeremy Piven acting with a British accent but what do you know? Mr. Selfridge was American!

In the first episode things are slowly falling to pieces but Mr. Selfridge tries to play it off. He focuses on spending money to create an impression of sorts on the British public. By many accounts in the first episode, that didn’t work. What is also interesting is his idea of creating this impression will lead to anticipation and perhaps even investment. It is an interesting idea and I’d like to see how that unfolds.

Although Selfridge is married, I fully expect and hope that he will engage in some philandering. I mean what is the use of having Ari Gold in a TV show if he is a dedicated family man? BORING (Donald Trump Voice). Speaking of Ari Gold, another thing that struck me was how similar Mr. Selfridge is to Ari Gold. The question is are Ari and Selfridge similar people and this is just a coincidence or is Jeremy Piven like Tristan WIlds in that he is only able to act one type of character? Frankly, I don’t care what the answer is, I’m just happy I get to watch him again.

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