Weekend Review

TV Series

Greys Anatomy

I have to admit I was probably wrong about Greys last week. Meredith and Karev are back (although they both still had reduced facetime) and it seems like all is back to normal. Although I have to say I am not feeling this Minnick and Robbins business. There is just something about Robbins (and Kallie when she was on) that makes me feel like she’s not a real lesbian. Maybe I don’t know enough lesbians.

The Breaks

I caught the first episode of The Breaks and I’ll definitely come back for more. The little clips of things to look out for in season 1 caught my eye as well. I reckon Ahm will sign with Fouray at some point. What I did like about the preview of the rest of the season was that it seems like there is a lot of suspense in store. Not that my heart likes all that suspense but hey, bring it on.

This is Us

I hadn’t caught up with This is Us in a few weeks and I saw Episode 9 this week. What would you do if you were Randall? Your mum basically shielded you from your biological father for your whole life even if she knew you were looking for him all your life? I feel like the show wanted us to feel sympathy for Mandy Moore. I wanted Randall to lash out at her and make her feel bad. I was happy when he wrote the list of reasons why he was upset with her. He didn’t even read it. Also was it Olivia or the playwright babe with Kevin in his bed? (I feel like it was the playwright babe but I didn’t see properly. Serves Olivia right anyway. What was she playing at bringing some random guy to the cabin. Still liking the show by the way.

I didn’t watch 24, I’ll wrap up ANTM when it’s done (it’s really good I promise), Being Mary Jane was meh.

NBA Happenings

I caught the Raptors and Celtics on Friday. I thought that even with the addition of Ibaka and PJ Tucker, Toronto were still the third best team in the East. They manhandled the Celtics on Friday. I might have to change that prognosis. I maybe underestimated the impact of Ibaka’s defence and floor stretching. I didn’t really think much of PJ Tucker but he had a good game.

I also saw the Bucks v Suns yesterday. The Bucks are one of my favourite teams so I always try to catch them when I can. They made hard work of the Suns though. The starters opened a decent lead over and the bench guys let up on the intensity a little bit. On the Suns, I was impressed with TJ Warren. Devin Booker played well too. Bledsoe did his thing but 2 of my favourite players on the Suns (Tyson Chandler and Brandon Knight) didn’t play. I wish they would just buy Chandler out so he can play some basketball. I am still a member of the Michael Beasley fan club and I am happy to say he played well. Giannis had 28 points in the game but I almost didn’t notice him. The Suns didn’t guard the paint well and by my count, only one of his field goals was not a dunk. He just picked them apart inside.

It’s too early to start questioning the Pelicans but they are 0-3 since they traded for Boogie. He did his thing yesterday. He and Anthony Davis got over 30 points but I don’t think anyone else got double figures. Jrue Holiday needs to figure it out. Anthony Davis was saying he needs to stop trying to be a pass first point guard and be aggressive. That it probably true but I think I have to revise my playoff projection for them. I thought they would mesh quickly but it hasn’t popped off like that. I don’t think there is enough time to get it right plus I think I was sleeping on Denver. Let’s see how that goes.

Football Happenings

I didn’t watch a lot of football over the weekend. I just hope Liverpool do the business against Leicester today and me a happy bunny.

🙂 Have a good Week!



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