Weekend Preview

Sorry this is a bit late but here goes the Weekend rundown

The Breaks

If you like the Get Down, Love Jones, The Breaks (movie) and Brown Sugar, you should check this out. I liked the movie and I will give this a go. I’m really happy about the resurgence of Black TV shows. Can’t say anything negative about all the shows I have seen so far. One more thing. Wood Harris is a legend. Absolutely love him and I am happy he’s getting more main stream camera time.

NBA is back!

Man that was a long week without basketball! I’m going to try and catch Boston v Toronto today and I also want to watch the Pelicans to see how Boogie fits in. I hope he doesn’t mess things up. He played well in his first game but the Pelicans were out of sorts. Hopefully Jarrett Jack can provide some help and leadership. By the way Denver is looking strong and I am finally on the Nikola Jokic hype train. I love a good passing big man. Declaring that the Pelicans will make the playoffs might not be the smartest thing I have done but lets see how that goes.

Premier League

The premier league is also back and I am hoping Liverpool don’t make things complicated against Leicester on Monday. They should just do the business whilst Leicester stew over their decision to fire Ranieri. Yes it was harsh and he deserved more but you can’t really fault the owners. This is a business and honestly Ranieri seemed like he had lost the players which is why I think the players deserve the blame. They got Leicester into this mess. I’m looking at you Mahrez. You too Vardy!

My weekend watchlist is growing by the day. I have Greys, Being Mary Jane, Big Brother, ANTM  , Star, This is Us, The Crown, Insecure, 24 and one or two others I can’t remember. (yay for me).

Bon Weekend!

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