Flashback to the Trade Deadline

Like a lot of people, I was glued to my phone yesterday. I fully expected one big deal to go down. I hoped the Celtics would trade for Paul George. My my, if that deal went down, that would have made them favourites in the east for me. They would have had too many weapons. Their second unit would abbsolutely be fire aah well. For what it’s worth, I don’t see why the Celtics were holding on to this Nets pick. Even if it’s the number 1 pick so what? When has a high draft pick in a “deep” draft come straight into a contender to make a difference. Darko Milicic anyone? A contender has no business developing young players. Having said that though, Ainge might not be saving the pick to actually select someone in the draft, it might be bait for the future. Maybe he makes some savvy move to shut me up. Let’s see how it goes.

In other news, Deron Williams secured himself a buy out. Can I just say Deron Williams gets on my nerves! He fights his way out of Utah to Brooklyn, gets a $100 million contract from Brooklyn, stinks the place up and asks for a buy out and winds up in Dallas so he can be close to home. Now he doesn’t want to be close to home anymore? He wants to play for a contender so Dallas bought him out and he’s rumoured to be on his way to Cleveland. You know what Deron Williams? Suck it up and play where you are. I don’t see many people clamouring to be released from their contracts. Having said all of that, if he winds up in Cleveland, he will be a serviceable back up and take some of the play making duties off Lebron and Kyrie. If they also get Andrew Bogut, I think that makes them favourites against Golden State. Deron Williams and Bogut with the secondary unit will absolutely merk Golden State’s second unit. (all things being equal anyway).

There were a lot of salary cap type moves which I will not go into because that will be a waste of time so I will do mini trade breakdowns for what I consider to be major trades.

Nerlens Noel to Dallas for Justin Anderson, Andrew Bogut and  Protected First Round Pick

This was a bit of a surprise for me. I always thought the 76ers were going to move Okafor and frankly I think that’s the move that made sense. Noel and Embiid were a better fit. Apparently Okafor and Embiid have only played 8 minutes together all season! I guess they didn’t find a good enough deal. Bogut is being bought out and might end up in Cleveland (see above). Basically they traded Nerlens Noel for a First Round pick. (No I don’t know who Justin Andersen is either).

Shoutout to the Mavs for always trying to stay competitive. You can tell that they aren’t interested in tanking because they dealt their pick anyway. I don’t think they will make they playoffs and by getting Bogut and Deron Williams off their books, that gives Yogi Ferrel a chance and maybe they have cap space (although they always seem to strike out in free agency)

I wouldn’t say the 76ers got fleeced but I think the Mavs got the better end of the bargain. I always think the person with the known quantity wins. The pick will probably fall somewhere near the bottom of the lottery. Since everyone is saying it is a deep draft, lets see what the 76ers do with the pick.

PJ Tucker to the Raptors for Jared Sullinger and a pair of 2nd Round picks

I like this trade for the Raptors. PJ Tucker can come in, play defence and knock down open shots. Those are 3 things Sullinger wasn’t doing for them. It is not like he couldn’t do them but he was hardly on the court because of injuries so it was an easy decision to move him. I worry a nit for Sulley because he signed a cheap contract in Toronto and expected to perform well and sign a more lucrative one. At this rate, I hope he is in the league next season.

I like that the Raptors are going for it this season. I like their additions as well but unfortunately, I think a good season for them will be making it to the Eastern Finals again. Whilst their moves have made them better, those moves don’t get them over the hump.

Taj Gibson & Doug McDermott to the Thunder for Cameron Payne, Joffrey Lauvergne and Anthony Morrow

Taj Gibson was probably not going to resign in Chicago so it made sense to move him. I like McDermott as a player, he gives you good scoring. Both players will be assets for OKC since Kanter is injured, Gibson gives you toughness, rebounding and he can hit that 18 foot jumper. McDermott is a floor spacer so he just needs to knock down open shots when the defence collapses. Undoubtedly both players make OKC better because all 3 guys they gave up barely cracked the rotation.

Chicago Bulls need to step in front of the congregation and explain themselves because I don’t get it. You give up 3 solid rotation players for a bag of chips? You have Jerian Grant, Rondo and Carter Williams at the point but you bring in Payne and can’t even be bothered to move one of the point guards on your books? What are you trying to do? You have no identity! This team is falling right out of the playoff race which i just as well because I want the Bucks to get in. I don’t think this is what Wade signed up for when he chose to come back home. Then again I really don’t care.

Other trades that caught my eye

  • Wizards traded for Bogdanovic in exchange for a player I don’t know. Finally some bench scoring for the Wiz!
  • Not a trade but Jarrett Jack is back in the league! He signed a 10 day contract with the Pelicans
  • Roy Hibbert got traded to Denver for a can of coke. He never even played for the Bucks!

Phew that was long! Have a good weekend!


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