The Good Wife had a Baby!

The Good Wife got its very own spin off. It’s called The Good  Life. I never got round to finishing The Good Wife went on for 7 seasons and as much as I liked it, I fell off from watching it. Different things like competing shows and limited date got in the way. Can’t say it was a bad show though, I just has other priorities.

To be fair, at any point in time, there needs to be one of these legal dramas on TV. We have had The Practice, Boston Legal, Suits, The Good Wife and now The Good Fight. The show starts with Diane handing in her notice to quit the firm. She had built up a lot of money in her retirement kitty and wants to go and spend it all. Unfortunately her financial adviser is arrested for fraud and she attempts to take back her resignation which her firm rejected and she ends up joining another firm which from the first episode looks like is a black firm. By the name of the show and Diane joining this firm, I’m thinking maybe a lot of the cases will involve police brutality, racism etc? let’s see how it goes.

Obviously, there are no Florricks in the show but a lot of the old gang  is there. David Lee is there, the old partner (Lyman I think that’s his name). There is a black lady there as well who was there in the last season of The Good Wife (she’s cute by the way). I see Eli’s daughter in promotional material but she wasn’t in the first episode. I guess she will pop up at some point.

Truth be told, the writers and producers are not trying to reinvent the wheel. They are taking the same formula we are familiar with and making some tweaks to it. Sometimes it’s okay, other times, you feel like its predictable and it gets annoying. What ever side of the divide you’re on, the one constant is that you know where to turn to for a decent legal drama.

It’s only one episode in but I’ll definitely stick around for most of season 1 to see what’s in store.



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