Weekend Review

On Friday, the weekend looked barren. A lot happened over the weekend though. Here is the Breakdown

Greys Anatomy

Anyone notice how Meredith has not been getting as much facetime since Greys came back? She was not featured at all in the first episode back, got suspended in the second episode and wasn’t featured in the third episode. I know she had a baby in December so maybe they’re easing her back in? Karev hasn’t had a ton of facetime either. Have they pissed Miss Rhimes off? You know you don’t want to get on her bad side. Speaking of Miss Rhimes, did you  know she wrote and produced that ghastly Crossroads movie starring Britney Spears?


I have gone through almost 3 episodes of Star and it is not as bad as I first feared. I have to admit, I was very biased when I started watching it. I wouldn’t say I have been completely won over but I don’t consider the 45 minutes I spent watching each episode to be a waste. For one, I prefer the storyline to the Empire. I also prefer the music to Empire actually. I was never really one for singing at rap battles and drip dropping everywhere. I just feel like eventually the storyline will go south. Can I just say why does there always have to be a Murder involved? Is that how regular people kill other people over the place? Maybe I’m the one that’s naive.

The Breaks

I saw the TV movie for the breaks over the weekend as well and it reminds me of Brown Sugar (so when did you first fall in love with hip hop? lol) and the Get Down. I really liked it to be honest. I like the story of a fledgling producer/rapper beating the odds to create somethin. It ended really funny though I’d have been really upset if I watched it when it came out and ended on a cliff hanger. Can I just say Wood Harris is a really good actor. I havent seen Tristan Wilds in anything recently but it seems like he still only has 3 different facial expressions lol. The lead actress is also really pretty. The whole movie is on youtube. You should check it out if you get the chance

NBA All Star Weekend

The All Star Weekend went true to form. I didn’t bother to watch the Skills competition or the Rising Stars Challenge. I watched the dunk contest. I agree with Charles Barkley. It was awful. It really deserves a post of its own saying how bad it was but I’ll spare them that embarrassment.  I need Aaron Gordon to come to the front of the congregation. I need to have a word with him. Mr. Gordon, I think you had a bit too much fun on Friday Night in New Orleans. I’m sorry sir but your performance epitomised the poor quality of the competition. You had 7 dunk attempts and only one was successful! My word! and to think you were my favourite to win it all! SMH. On to the rest. Remember I said I didn’t know what Deandre Jordan was doing in that Dunk Competition. He is one of my favourite players and frankly I think he should have been in street clothes. Derrick Jones was my dark horse because I had seen a few of his dunks before. Seems like he choked under the pressure.  I mean he has only played 20 or so minutes of NBA basketball so I guess making him a dark horse was me reaching a bit. That leaves Glen Robinson III. He seems like he was better prepared that the other contestants. For his winning dunk he jumped over 3 people including 6′ 9 Paul George. I thought that was impressive. That was probably the only but that impressed me in the whole thing.

The 3 point contest started out a bit iffy. CJ McCollum was a bit disappointing. I think he only scored 11 or so. I read that he was going to take it seriously because he wasn’t well prepared last year. Nick Young has had a good year but I don’t know what he was doing there (Same goes for you Kyle Lowry). When those three were eliminated then the Big boys came out to play. Klay Thompson got eliminated first and it was down to an old fashioned shootout between Kyrie Irving and Eric Gordon. The tied on the first attempt and they had to have suddend death. That was the only fun part of All Star Saturday for me.

Now for the main game itself. That was really fun. Giannis threwdown dunk after dunk but Anthony Davis scored 52 points and the West won (as they always do). On Durant/Westbrook watch, they connected for a good alley oop but according to Royce White at ESPN, the relationship between them is still as frosty as ever.

Then I woke up this morning, I found out Boogie had been traded to the Pelicans. Phew what a weekend!

Anyways, Have a good week ahead!

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