It’s the Weekend!

Friday is finally here! so is your weekend watchlist. Check out the Run Down

NBA All Star Weekend


The NBA All Star weekend is here! it is famous for different reasons not all of which have anything to do with Basketball. For Non Basketball reasons, apparently there will be a lot of females leaving New Orleans this weekend 3 days pregnant. LOL.

On to the basketball now. On friday there is a celebrity games featuring a mish mash of celebrities. I don’t particularly enjoy the celebrity game. The rising stars challenge is also on Friday and its USA vs The Rest of the World. Only Rookies and Sophmores are eligible honestly since I am disappointed in this year’s rookie crop (I promise, my post explaining this disappointment is coming soon) I probably won’t enjoy it but since I love a good basketball game, I will stay up and watch as much of the game as I can.

Saturday has 2 main events the Skills Challenge (Pass)  and the dunk competition. I’ve said before how I think the crop is weak this year. Aaron Gordon, Deandre Jordan, Glen Robinson III and some guy named Derrick Jones. I thought Aaron Gordon was going to clean out. I like Deandre Jordan but I don’t know what he’s doing in the dunk competition. I don’t know much about Glen Robinson III because I don’t watch much Indiana Pacers Basketball. Ditto for Derrick Jones and the suns. However, i saw this dunk by Derrick Jones and thought he might make him interesting but he reminded me of the last no name guy with a reputation as a dunker to take part in the dunk competition. You probably haven’t heard of James White have you? I’m not excited for the Dunk Competition but let’s see how it goes.

The main game is on Sunday and until yesterday, it didn’t occur to me how young this year’s all star crop is. Melo is the oldest all star can you believe that! I hope this means a lot of the younger guys make it very interesting. Anyway because of work, I probably wouldn’t watch it. I hope I am entertained when I am checking the highlights out.


No premier league this weekend because of the FA Cup. Liverpool is out so I have absolutely zero interest in the competition and I will not be watching it. Goodluck to anyone whose team is still in.

On to TV now



This is another musical creation courtesy of Mr. Lee Daniels. It is about 3 girls from Atlanta who escape difficult personal situations and are trying to make it big in the music business. Like Empire, it has a bunch of famous names starring- Queen Latifah and Quincy  Brown star (Diddy’s adopted son (Did you know Al B. Sure was his real dad? You go Kim Porter) Tyrese, Naomi Campbell and Lenny Kravitz have recurring roles. There are cameos by Jocelyn Hernandez, Missy and Big Boi make cameos. When I saw this, I thought with my low taste in TV series I’d definitely watch it. When I saw the trailer, I was a bit underwhelmed to be honest. It kind of reminded me of that Britney Spears movie Crossroads. I saw the trailer 2 months ago and still haven’t watched it.  That shows you what I thought about it. Anyway I think I’ll check it out this weekend.

The Breaks

Technically this is a movie but the series premieres on Monday. Since the series is based on the movie and I plan to watch the series, I need to find space to fit it in. I typically enjoy anything with a predominantly black ensemble and I am looking forward to it.


In the midst of all of that, I still have to find time for my staples – Greys Anatomy, Being Mary Jane, ANTM  and Big Brother Naija.

Bon Weekend! 😉

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