VH1 is back with another Hip Hop Show (The Breaks)

Electric Punanny Brrrr. Lol

This post has nothing to do with Valentines day. The Breaks is a new show coming to VH1 on Monday the 20th of February. It is a show that centers around 3 friends trying to make it in the hip hop scene. I guess this post should really come after I have seen the 1st episode.

We don’t know much about it was initially designed to be a TV movie but it did so well and VH1 decided to commission a series based on the movie. I just found out about the movie but it’s hard to fit almost 2 hours of free time into my schedule during the week so that might have to wait until the weekend. The whole movie is available on you tube by the way and you can catch it here.  It has my man Wood Harris is in it, Tristan Wilds is in there as well (thank God he decided to abandon his music career), Method Man there as well so is TI so if nothing, the music pedigree should be decent.

I am hoping it is like the get down (you don’t know what the get down is?) but set in the 90’s which is even better. That doesn’t mean I don’t love the get down but the 90’s have a special nostalgic feel for me. I consider myself a child of the 90’s.I used to love going to Barbershops or Parties with older people and listen to the music there. I hated that all the older people knew the words and I didn’t so I decided when I got older to go and look for all those songs and learn the words lol. Anything to do with 90’s hip hop definitely gets my attention.

I’m looking forward to listening to sounds of the 90’s being created. I like the story line of the get down more than I like the music. I didn’t grow up around turn tables and battle rapping so the nostalgia isn’t really there for me the way it is with 90’s stuff. Anyway this was just a little preliminary preview. The main review will come next week hopefully after I get a chance to watch episode 1


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