Weekend Review

The weekend was more of a sports than TV weekend for me. I did manage to fit one or two series in which I will start with before I move on to the state of the reds and NBA Happenings

Greys Anatomy (Look away now if you haven’t seen S.13E12)

This was a bit of an eventful episode. First of all, we find out what happened when Karev went to visit the District Attorney (DA). Can I just say I knew Karev wasn’t going to Jail. The episode opens with Karev about to take the plea that the DA offered him. De Luca bursts in and decides to drop the charges so Karev is free to go. Back at the hospital Meredith refuses to let Minnick to teach in her surgery. Word gets back to Bailey who suspends Meredith when she protests Minnick’s presence (:o). She eventually replaces Meredith with Kepner as head of General Surgery! Karev gets his job back. Pierce’ adopted mother is around under the pretext of getting plastic surgery. Turns out she has Cancer. Pierce is being a spoiled brat and this kind of scuppers her mum’s plan to tell her. Her mum leaves abruptly and asks Pierce to get in touch when she wants to talk. (My guess is Avery tells her in the next episode and she feels bad). Does anyone else think they were trying to sub Donald Trump with the whole thing about the wall? This lady and her husband built a wall complete with barbed wire. After her husband dies, she tries to take the barbed wire down but falls over the accident and has to have her leg amputated. Is Shonda taking shots at the Donald with this wall business?

Speaking of walls, does anyone reckon Amelia might be pregnant? Towards the end of the episode, the Narrator is talking about walls and secrets Amelia is behind the doors of Edwards’ apartment. I tried to take a peek at her belly but we can’t see it. That’s my theory anyway and if it turns out Amelia is pregnant, you know where you saw that first.

I tried to look for the fighter with Idris Elba (to be fair, I didn’t look that hard) but I didn’t find it. I will look a bit harder today and do a review if I find it

Tottenham get Slayed

The Main Mane (see what I did there?)

Finally a post written after Liverpool have done the business. I’ve been waiting for a good liverpool performance to write about. I finally found one! We ran spurs ragged on Saturday! They didn’t even know what hit them. The press was effective and that made it easier for us to create chances. Although I have to say that my feeling is that we were able to press like that because tottenham weren’t organised in 2 banks of four so when we won possession back, there was space for forward players to make their runs. My fear again is that we will struggle to break them down but for now, I will enjoy the taste of victory. We don’t play again and in all likelihood, we will be out of the top 4 when next we play as I expect City to beat Bournemouth today.

In other news, I didn’t expect Chelsea to drop points against burnley. Whilst I don’t think it makes any difference in the title race, it was good for them to drop points. Fair enough Hazard and Costa played rubbish and cost me fantasy football points, I’ll take that. I think they’ve both overstayed their welcome and they both need to go especially if that kid Jesus at City keeps burning me.

NBA Happenings

The big game this weekend was the much hyped GSW at OKC, Durant’s first game back in OKC since he sold them out! The game lived up to the hype and was the highest watched regular season game not on Christmas day since 2013. KD weighed in with 34 and the Warriors carved OKC apart. OKC showed heart though. Westbrook came through with 47 points (but he had 11 turnovers) when will he learn that he can’t beat 5 players on his own?

I didn’t stay up to watch that game but I did manage to catch the Bulls and Timberwolves yesterday and I was impressed by the Timberwolves. They hustled well on defence and they were patient on offence. Rubio ran the show very well but I was also impressed by Gorgui Dieng. He set hard screens, rolled to the basket effectively and had himself a double double. Bjelica played well on defence and shot the ball well from deep. Wiggins seemed like he was in the mood too and led all scorers with 27 points. KAT weighed in with 22. What was funny was the sound of Coach Thibbs barking orders at his team on defence lol. I don’t think the Timberwolves make the playoffs this year but they have huge potential. Hopefully they add veteran help in the off season and they can improve their concentration.

As for the Bulls, they were playing without Wade, Mirotic and Butler so I guess they could have expected to lose the game. Rondo did well in spurts but he is not the starting point guard. Carter Williams looked lost out there can’t lie. Why is he even on the team? He does’t space the ball well and for my money, he doesn’t give you something that Rondo doesn’t. The Bulls are going nowhere and I don’t expect them to make any moves before the trade deadline. At best they make the playoffs and get bounced in the first round.

All Star Weekend is coming up which I’m excited about partly because of all the festivities but mostly because it means the trade deadline is nearby and those trade rumours are coming in thick and fast. The Blazers traded Miles Plumlee and a second round pick for Jusuf Nurkic and a First Round Pick. I will break that trade down in a separate post.

Have a great week! 😉

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