Weekend Watchlist

The weekend is here! and so is the weekend watchlist.



Not sure if this counts as a tv series but Idris Elba is going to spend 12 months training to become an actual kickboxer. He did kickboxing for kicks (get it?) when he was younger so he wants to see if he can cut it. Get this, he’s 43! You have to admire his drive but I hope he doesn’t sustain any serious injuries. Some athletes have transitioned into boxing and martial arts – Leon Mckenzie, Andrew Flintoff, Darko Milicic (lol). I’ve never heard of an actor doing this. I saw a trailer for the show and Mr. Elba took some hits! I’ll check it out this  weekend and see what its about.

Big Game for the Reds!


If you have been following the blog, you know Liverpool have been getting whopped all through out 2017 basically. Tottenham is up next and it’s at Anfield. Honestly for the time being, I have stopped getting excited for big games involving Liverpool until they figure themselves out. I hope they don’t embarass themselves. Having said that, Tottenham don’t have such a good record at Anfield and I don’t expect them to sit back as much as the smaller teams. But! they soaked up the pressure against Chelsea and hit them with 2 sucker punches. As a fan I want to say Liverpool will win but in real life, I don’t see how it happens. Fingers are crossed.

KD heads back to OKC

On Saturday, Kevin Durant and the Warriors head to OKC to play the Thunder. I really hope he gets a hostile reception, Warriiors lose and Westbrook gets a triple double. I think the Warriors will probably win it all but I won’t mind if they suffer in OKC. Ooooh also remember the last time the teams met in Oakland, Pachulia hard fouled Westbrook and stood over his body? When asked about it, Westbrook said he will get Pachulia back. That just adds more spice to the game. I’m looking forward to it!

Other things I will be keeping an eye on

Greys Anatomy, Being Mary Jane, This is Us, ANTM,  The Crown, Boston Legal and Big Brother Naija. There aren’t enough hours in the day to watch all that stuff but i’ll try!

Bon Weekend 😉

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