NBA Happenings

Bucks Still in Free Fall and Can’t Catch a Break

What is happening to the Bucks? They’re breaking me! they have won 2 out of their last 13 games. Giannis seems to have the pep back in his step now but they aren’t winning. I thought that the trade for Hibbert and Hawes coupled with the fact that Khris Middleton was coming back would at least bring a win in (it didn’t). The problem is that I didn’t expect them to start the season off so well that I kind of expected that after their good(ish) start to the season, they would be in the hunt for a playoff place right now but it doesn’t seem like that would be happening. Hibbert and Hawes haven’t even played since the trade. I’ll try to watch them this weekend to figure out what is going on. I hope they turn things around soon.

Just found out Jabari Parker is out for the season. He Ruptured his second ACL. Remember he ruptured the first one in his rookie season. Sigh! gotta feel for them bucks.

The Heat Caught Fire!

At the start of the season, I thought the heat would stink. They started the season 13 – 18 and I thought that was about right. They signed okay ish players but then they were dealing with a lot of injuries. To be honest, since Lebron, Wade and now Bosh have left the team, they have been a non issue. I certainly did not see a 12 game winning streak coming. Whiteside is back, Dragic is playing well. I think they are doing as well as they can do. Shout out to them. I don’t think they will get into the post season because check this, they are still 7 games under .500 (lol) but you get shout outs if you ball. They’re balling right now.

In other news, the Wizards lost to Cleveland yesterday but got back to winning ways by beating Brooklyn. Ian Mahimi is back so the bench looks better. As much as I don’t like Jason Smith, he has had a few good games lately. I still think the bench is rubbish but I’m here for these wins in a row and the good record.

Phil Jackson is really messing with Melo

Phil Jackson has been taking shots at Melo and trying to move him. Now I think he’s playing mind games. He referenced a column criticising Melo and he said the writer almost rang the bell. He also said something about the Leopard not changing its spots. I can’t imagine any other team executive publicly throwing barbs at his team’s best player. Can you imagine David Griffin shading Lebron or Doc Rivers tweeting rubbish about Chris Paul. I want Melo to do well and If I were him I’d have left. He said something about his wife and son being comfortable n New York and I’m convinced that him wanting to remain in New York has nothing to do with basketball because this has become a bit of a farce because it has become a massive distraction to the team who aren’t doing well. I think the knicks need to blow this thing up and I don’t think Phil Jackson should be the one to build it up. Apart from drafting Kristaps, I can’t class anything else he has done as a success.

The 8th Grader is Back in the League

Lance Stephenson is back on the NBA by the way. Zach Lavine ruptured his ACL and is out for the season so the Timberwolves signed Stephenson on an  initial 10 day contract. I think Stephenson is too good of a player not to be in the league. I hope he sticks in Minnesota.


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