24 is back for a new run

I heard 24 was coming back for a new run sans Jack Bauer and I kept my eye out for the Premiere. It debuted on Sunday in America and I got a Chance to watch it yesterday. Before I go on to the review, there are some things I need to get off my chest and you might not like them if you are a 24 enthusiast.

I think the whole idea that everything takes place  within 1 hour is a little silly. If we take the first episode which apparently happened between Noon and 1pm, I have a few factual issues with that. Eric’s wife is just getting out of the shower and getting ready for work (who starts work at Noon?). In the high school, the kids are coming in for the day (school doesn’t start at 12:30) and Eric driving around from VA to the depths of DC and zipping back again all in a “10 minute” period? Please spare me the time rubbish and stick to the action.

On to the review now. If the question is how does this differ from the original 24, I don’t know. I never watched the original 24. Jack Bauer is not James Bond and I grew up thinking James Bond was the man. I was uninterested in whatever Mr. Bauer did or said. The plot is based around Eric Carter played by Corey Hawkins (Dr. Dre from the NWA movie) who is reintegrating into society after serving a tour of duty and killing a notorious muslim terrorist. The terrorist had a strong box which contained a list of people who I guess he wanted to kill or groom? Anyway, the terrorist’s cronies are after Eric and the One surviving member of his kill team.

My first impression when I saw the trailer is that it reminds me a bit of Homeland. Surprise surprise, they have the same producer. I can’t lie, there is a lot of adrenaline junkie stuff going on and it kind of reminds me of the first season of Homeland (if you saw the original 24, maybe it reminds you of the original 24). A part of me kind of felt like I had seen enough of this muslim terrorist planning an attack on America story line. Essentially the Bin Laden story which has been replayed in more movies and TV shows than I can remember. Then again, I thought the people that enjoy those sort of things love those story lines so I guess it’s fair.

In other news, remember Bashy? He acts now! Last year he was in The Night Of. He plays the lead character’s older brother. Not sure if other people could notice but I could tell his accent wasn’t all the way original. Kind of like Stringer Bell in The Wire. Who cares man. I’m happy that he’s out in America getting those checks.

For me, the show has enough for me to tune in again to see what happens on the next episode. Let’s see how long it lasts. For what its worth, I’m happy the show has a black lead and I hope he and the show don’t get panned by the critics.


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