Weekend Review

A lot happened over the weekend across different sports (and TV). Here is the rundown:


Super Bowl 51

When I woke up this morning and I checked the scores of the Super Bowl and I saw that the Patriots won 34:28, I didn’t think much of it. Patriots were favourites anyway right? I delved a little deeper and found out that going into the fourth quarter, the Falcons were up by 25 points! I have been talking to people who watched the game to find out if the Falcons threw it away or if the Patriots were that good. Someone I spoke to said he thinks the turning point was a drive within field goal range by the Falcons early in the 4th quarter where instead of running the ball or , trying for a field goal they elected to throw the ball and they ended up losing a ton of yards so they could neither punt nor advance in the end.

Having said all that it was a hell of a comeback by the Patriots. Brady probably cements his status as the best quarter back ever. In terms of rings, he now has 5 and is ahead of the other greats (Joe Montana had 4, John Elway and Payton Manning had 2, Dan Marino had none). To think he was selected with the 199th pick, that’s pretty remarkable. I still hate him and the Patriots though but you know, credit where credit is due and all that.


Arsenal continued their choking and more or less gifted the title to Chelsea. From the time the first goal went it, it was all downhill from there. Title is done and dusted now. The scrap is for 2nd – 4th.


It’s going to be an interesting run in. As for liverpool, they self destructed against Hull again at the weekend. Watching the game, I wasn’t surprised that we lost. I mean we can blame the players and everything but the truth is that Hull packed the box with 8 players and unless the ball is absolutely precise, you can’t score. Liverpool did not have the precision in and around the box. I also think we need a deep lying midfielder who can switch play very quickly. The way it is now, we just pass from side to side then cross (even if we have no big center forward). The defenders love it and they eat it up. Maybe we should have kept Benteke. He will have given us a different option upfront. I saw that Klopp was telling the players to wake up but I don’t know what he wants them to do! We need a change of tactics because we have become so predictable at the moment. The bright side is that when we play against stronger teams who don’t park the bus, our pressing game is more effective which is why I am not worried about the prospect of playing Tottenham next.


It was a relatively quiet weekend for the NBA this weekend. Everything takes a back seat to the Super Bowl. All the (3) games yesterday ended at least 2 hours before the Super Bowl. Paul Pierce played his last game at the TD Gardens which was significant. I haven’t seen Boston play much this season so I wanted to see what they were working with. They rained a lot of 3’s. My goodness. They moved the ball very well and always seemed to find the open man. Even Marcus Smart hit 3 3’s. I was impressed with Jaylen Brown. I have been very critical of this year’s rookie class (and I will do a post later to air out my frustrations) but I was impressed the way he hounded JJ Reddick and hit shots when he got the ball.

In case you were wondering, he wiped the floor before he kissed it

The  other reason the Clippers lost was because JJ Reddick and Austin Rivers did not come to the party. They combined for just 2 field goals. The Clippers threatened to make a game of it late in the fourth but the Celtics held out for the win.

In other news, the NBA released the list of participants for the activities on All Star weekend. The skills competition (Boogie Cousins, Embiid, Porzingis and Devin Booker) and the Three Point Contest (CJ McCollum, Klay Thomppson, Nick Young etc) have more exciting participants than the dunk contest (Deandre Jordan, Glen Robinson III and Derrick Jones Jr) Who is Derrick Jones Jr?.


Greys Anatomy

This episode was more along the lines of what I was expecting last week. Even if we still don’t really know what is up with Karev,  at least we were teased a little which is fine. We also see some mental war fare between Webber and the new head of the Residency program. I’m here for all of that. More Please.

The Crown

I’m getting into the crown more and more. After the third episode, I realise that my initial post on it might have been a bit premature. For example, in episode 3, Edward who abdicated comes back in town and we learn a bit more about how his mother and the Queen feel about him abandoning the throne and running off to America. I’m on episode 4 now and we are getting to see how the Queen is struggling with the cabinet, playing politics etc. I wonder if the cabinet still plays that big of a role in Royal affairs. Anyway, things look finely poised as they are. I will probably hold off posting anymore stuff until I am done watching all 10 Episodes.

Phew! that was long.

Have a Great Week! 😉

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