New Edition : The Final Word

I finally finished watching New Edition and my overall impression is that it was very well done. On the whole, they conveyed the story very well. I thought that not being familiar with a lot of their music might take away from me enjoying the experience. That didn’t happen. Now I kind of regret giving out my VIP ticket to go see New Edition when they came to Nigeria in 2012.

Anyone notice that in the scene where Ronnie Devoe is getting married, Bobby Brown is dancing with someone who we can assume was supposed to be Whitney Houston because they were married at the time but they don’t show the character’s face. I reckon this might have had something to do with the people who hold whitney’s image rights.

To be fair, the last part didn’t feature too much action. It felt like they were promoting New Edition more than anything. The part where they reunited for the BET 25th Anniversary went on too long for me. I would have liked them to shed more light on how some of the members fared when the group wasn’t really together. They just touched on Michael Bivins discovering Boyz II Men. I wish they expanded a bit more on that but to be fair, there is only so much you can fit in to three episodes.

I just looked all the members up on Celebrity Net Worth and as you can expect, Michael Bivins is the most financially healthy ($40 Million). I honestly didn’t think he had that much money. The cynic in me thinks he played Boyz II Men and 702 the same way New Edition was played in the beginning. If you notice, they show Ronnie Devoe getting his Real Estate Licence which I thought was a very savvy and realistic move. He has the lowest net worth ($500k). Can you believe Bobby Brown has the second lowest net worth ($2 million). He must have been really irresponsible with his money.

Ricky Bell who was shown struggling with debt and Money problems in the last part is worth $15 Million so i guess he turned his life around. Johnny Gill and Ralph Tresvant have relatively healthy bank balances as well since they had solo careers in their own right.

I really enjoyed watching the show and of course, we hope there are more shows like that in the cut. We already know they are working on one for Nas which I hope comes to fruition. I’d like to see one on L.A Reid. How he has been able to stay relevant for 3 decades is outstanding. I’d like to read his auto biography as well. It is called sing to me. That’s it from me!


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