Breaking Down the Trade

It’s trade season in the NBA which I usually get excited about because the NBA is very ruthless in trading players and negotiations aren’t as drawn out as they are in football. The down side though is that a lot of trades don’t usually happen until the last week or at least after the all star break. A trade caught my attention this week. It’s not a big trade but at least it’s something and I thought I’d break it down in anticipation of bigger trades

The Bucks get:Spencer Hawes and Roy Hibbert and the Hornets get Miles Plumlee.

Out of the two teams, I like the Bucks better so I have been rooting for them to do well, They have only won One of their last Eleven games which was against a Houston team jaded on an East Coast trip. Giannis looks jaded, he’s not making as much of an impact on the team. Jabari Parker is playing better but they are falling seriously. They are about 7 games under .500. I guess they are missing the influence of Khris Middleton (He’s coming back next week by the way). The team could use a little help. I also think Thon Maker should play more. He’s not a bad player and it’s not like the Bucks have anything to lose. The Bucks don’t spread the floor very well and they need to improve their three point shooting and in Spencer Hawes, they get a floor spacer whop opens things up for Giannis a little. To be honest, I’m not sold on Hawes. I watched him a little when he was on the Clippers and he didn’t shoot consistently enough for me.

Remember when Roy Hibbert was a defensive beast? I mean he was even an All Star twice in Indiana. It seems like after he got a “big” contract a few years ago, things went south. He just wasn’t intimidating at the rim any more and his numbers went south. He was effectively kicked out of Indiana, didn’t make any impact on the Lakers and wound up in Charlotte last summer. Now he’s on his fourth team in the last 3 and a bit seasons. At least he can still offer some rim protection and alter shots.

The Bucks gave Miles Plumlee a $50 Million contract last summer and decide not to play him. I think Roy Hibbert is making $5 Million this year and Hawes can’t be making much more than that so they get a hefty contract off their books and they have assets which should’t be too difficult to get rid of if that is what they want. I think they made the move to be better but I think Middleton coming back next week will have a bigger impact on the team than the trade.

On to the Hornets.

They aren’t doing so bad and I guess the question is whether bringing Plumlee on board is better than having Hawes and Hibbert. Apparently Cody Zeller is the only person they have that can set decent screens, roll to the basket and catch lobs. I haven’t watched enough of Plumlee to determine if he is good at that. Let’s say he is. The next question is whether the going rate for that skill is somewhere between $14 Million – $16 Million and I think the answer is no.


It is hard to say there is an outright winner but I say the Bucks win because if things go south, it is easier to get Haws and Hibbert off the books than it is to get Plumlee off. Who is going to want that Plumlee contract?

Looking forward to more trades whcih I can break down 🙂

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