What to Watch this Weekend

It’s that time of the week! I’ll go through a run down of things I will be catching up with this weekend

Greys Anatomy

The show returned from its Mid season break last week and in my opinion, the last episode back was a little underwhelming. I don’t care if they are trying to send us little subtle messages about the character. I just want to know what happens with Karev’s case. I hope Miss Rhimes will be kind enough to provide me with the answers!

New Edition

I have had a busy few days and it’s no surprise that I haven’t been able to catch the last part of the New Edition bio pic. I am hoping to find time to catch the last episode this weekend

The Crown

I have seen the first two episodes and it is unlikely that I will watch more than another 1 or 2 but I want to get emotionally invested in the show and cross check on wikipedia what is factual and what is made up.

Being Mary Jane

I haven’t seen the last two episodes and will try to catch up this weekend

Big Brother

As usual I’ll try to catch the weekly roundup on Sunday



The big game this weekend is Chelsea v Arsenal. We are well into February now and we know what that means. Arsenal Choke season. I really hope they prove me wrong and blow the title race wide open. I just really hope Liverpool beat Hull. Arsenal can do whatever they like.

Super Bowl

I really wish I could watch the Super Bowl on Sunday but considering the fact that it ends at 4am and I have work on Monday, it is not so difficult to behave myself and not watch it. As always I am rooting for the underdog Falcons.

That’s it for the run down. Have a good weekend!



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