The Crown: First Impressions



I started watching the crown over the weekend and I’m only up to episode 2 now but I still thought it was a good time to do a post on my first impressions. It has racked up a lot of accolades and won a golden globe or two recently. I understand that after the Get Down, it is the most expensive series Netflix has produced. It cost about $16 Million per episode. Not trying to be cynical or anything but I could’t tell they spent that much. I mean yes it looks very authentic but so does everything these days. (this is not a criticism)

It starts out sometime in the 40’s when Queen (then princess) Elizabeth is getting married to Prince Phillip who had to renounce his Greek Citizenship for the marriage to take place. I always knew Prince Phillip was Greek (I thought he was royalty too) but I didn’t know he had to renounce his citizenship before he got married but I guess it makes sense. What is also funny is how the British Royal family looked down on his Family. I think someone even called them peasants.

Right around the start of the series, The Queen’s father King George starts to fall ill. Her Father is played by the guy who played Lane Pryce in Mad Men and I think he does a really good job. There isn’t much action in the first episode. It just establishes the fact that Elizabeth is the apple of King George’s eyes and is being groomed to take over.

Things start to take shape in the second episode, the Cabinet gets fed up with Churchill and try to get the King to have him step down. The King refuses and dies shortly after and everything then falls on Elizabeth. This is where I feel like the whole thing will really take off.

I wouldn’t say I love British history but I’m certainly fascinated by their traditions and I found a few things interesting. I didn’t know King George’s brother (I think his name was Edward) abdicated the throne. If that doesn’t happen, the throne passes to Edwards kid (If he had any) when Edward dies and we will be talking of a completely different story.

*side bar – just checked Wikipedia and apparently Edward abdicated the throne as the King to be couldn’t marry a twice divorced american. (I wonder if they stayed married)

I find it very interesting to see how they portray Prince Phillip and I wonder what he thinks of how he is portrayed. He makes a lot of off the cuff and let’s just say ignorant remarks. Sometimes they are funny and other time, they just make him appear aloof. I think the actor who plays him conveys this aloofness very well.

I am reading a book about how the British conquered several territories and divvied it up for administrative purposes. I couldn’t help but think about that context when Elizabeth went to Nairobi and acted as if they owned the place (I mean technically they did). I really want to see what parts of history the series focuses on and what parts they down play. I’ll do a wrap up post when I finish watching it.

If you like history, a good story or like watching big budget TV shows, I think it is worth checking out


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