Liverpool Stop the Rut, Arsenal perfect their Choking Technique, Spurs Slip Up

Arsenal Look Lost

I’ll come to Liverpool in a bit but let’s start with Arsenal. Everyone knows Arsenal fall apart in February. This year though, they decided to throw a bit of a surprise in and start choking on the last day of January. I didn’t see the game against Watford but how they lost to Watford at the Emirates is beyond me. Watford haven’t won since December 10! they have a few key players out and they were trying to bed in new signings.

The problem is that Watford scored two early goals and Arsenal never really recovered. Predictably in the second half, the Arsenal onslaught came but Watford held firm. An Arsenal win will really have kept things competitive at the top especially because Chelsea dropped points and play Arsenal on Saturday. I don’t expect much from Arsenal these days but there you go they did nothing last night to make me change my mind.

Spurs Slip Up

I’m surprised Tottenham were unable to break Sunderland down. I didn’t watch the game but when Tottenham get going they cam really lay in to teams and I thought a Tottenham victory over Sunderland was as sure as an Arsenal win over Watford. Seems like all these teams are determined to make it easy for Chelsea to run away with this thing.

A draw was probably a fair result.


State of the Reds

Now on to my Reds. Before the game, I thought Liverpool were going to either win or lose the game. A win wouldn’t have made me think we were going to win the league and for me a loss will have been a major set back in our top 4 hopes. Of course we went and drew the game which neither leaves us here nor there but at at least it means we should still be in the top 4 after the round of games this week.

There were a few things that impressed me though. It seems like our pressing game was more effective yesterday although I think that’s because Chelsea weren’t playing long balls. The pressing led to us creating a few chances. Mane is back too which boosted the team. I still think Coutinho is trying too hard and what in the world is going on with Firmino? At least we stopped the rut but we are still winless in the league this year! Either Arsenal or Chelsea will drop points this weekend  so it is very important that we beat Hull. I am worried that we will struggle because we know Hull will sit back and play long balls and we still haven’t found a way to deal with that. It is very difficult to play through 2 lines of 4 when you play like us. Maybe we should change something. I don’t know let’s see how it goes.

Major shout out to Mignolet for the penalty save by the way. I don’t think Chelsea should have had a penalty. I am Mignolet’s fiercest critic and I think he should have been more switched on for Chelsea’s goal but he came through with that penalty save.


Other Teams

As for the other teams, there were some impressive results. Swansea beat Southampton and have won 2 of the first three under Paul Clement. I really want him to do well. Crystal Palace also beat Bournemouth at home which is pretty difficult. Burnley won (again) at home and Leicester are in big trouble only 2 points above the relegation zone. Things are mighty tight down at the bottom of the table. It would absolutely make my month if Hull beat Man U and make it even more complicated


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