BET is Producing a Series based on Nas’ Life


You know you have reached legend status when BET is commissioning a series based on your life. Nas is my favourite rapper and I scour the internet on a daily basis to find out what he’s up to. My first thought when I heard about the project was that it’s a good idea. Now, I’m not sure what I think. I guess it will depend on the strength of the story and the cast. I just don’t want anything to muck up his legacy. It seems like they got it right with the New Edition piece so I guess they have the green light. I’ve noticed a trend in America where the big Network companies are throwing a lot of money to projects led by or depicting Black Americans which I think is uplifting for them.

The Nas series will be called Street Dreams after the single from his 1996 album “It was Written” and will follow his early life from queensbridge projects to selling crack, and using his talents to become a rap legend. No details of the cast or when it will be aired have been released but I understand Nas will Executive produce.

I’d like to see how it depicts his early years, the conflict between his parents and how his dad’s rolling stone lifestyle influenced him. I’d also like to see how they show the struggle in the really early 90’s when he lost his best friend and when he met Carmen etc.

Lets see how that goes.

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