Weekend Recap: NBA, Football, Pro Bowl, Greys and More

Greys Anatomy is Back

What is Miss Rhimes Playing at?

I was looking forward to seeing what Greys had in store when it came back. I wouldn’t say I was disappointed but I was certainly confused. I expected that we will find out what happened when Karev went to see the DA but Karev wasn’t in the episode! neither were Meredith, Dr Webber, Hunt, Amelia or any of the regulars except Bailey, Arizona and Jo who went on some expedition to a female prison to treat a prisoner. I don’t care about all that stuff! I hate it when they waste one episode on something that has nothing to do with the main plot. Towards the end of the episode, Bailey tells Jo that Karev went to the DA to accept the plea.  I don’t think Karev accepts the plea but it’s too early to say. Also is Jo pregnant? She asked that they stop the car so she can throw up? I’m not feeling that I have to wait another week to find out some more.

NBA Happenings

More on the Melo Saga

Is Phil Stabbing Melo in the back?

Over the weekend, there were more rumblings that the Knicks are actively seeking a trade partner for Melo. Apparently, Boston turned it down because they need defense and rebounding (isn’t that what Jae Crowder and my Man Amir Johnson are there for?). Anyway, Cleveland turned it down too. The Clippers seemed to be the only taker and were looking to give up Austin Rivers, Jamal Crawford and Paul Pierce! LOL. The Knicks would be crazy to take that deal which is why I think they were looking for a third team. I personally don’t think there is any deal out there for Melo. Not right now anyway.I still think Melo should have left in 2014 when he had the chance. I was listening to a debate on whether including JJ Reddick is the piece that tips the scales in the Clippers favour. If JJ Reddick is included in the deal, I think the Clippers lose. JJ is fantastic in the Clippers team. If you take JJ out and put Melo in, I don’t think it makes the Clippers much better. More importantly I don’t think it keeps them from being decimated by the Warriors (more on that below). All in all, I feel bad for Melo because I put the blame for state of the Knicks on Phil Jackson. He gave Melo with the contract with the No trade clause, he brought in Jeff Hornacek, Rose and Noah. How is Melo even taking the blame for all this?

Moving on.. even if I admit that Lebron is the best player in the NBA today, I really can’t stand his whinning. Last week, he was complaining about how the Cavs need a new play maker basically sending a message to the front office to spend money. Dan Gilbert is paying a ton of luxury tax in addition to maxing out Lebron, Kyrie, Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love. He is also paying JR Smith above average. Message to Lebron shut up and play ball!

Strong Displays over the Weekend

Johnny is doing the Business!

John Wall is continuing his strong play, 18 points and 19 assists against the Pelicans over the weekend. The Wizards are 7 games over .500%! This is good news. They still have a weak bench and a thin squad but I’m riding this wave while it lasts! This might be inconsequential in the big scheme of things but I’m really happy for Seth Curry out in Dallas. I remember him going from Summer league team to Summer league team and getting cut from one roster then another roster but he caught on in Sacramento last season and has done okay in Dallas this season. He is even shooting better than his older brother from the 3 point line! Over the weekend, he scored 24 points as the Mavs beat the Spurs. Harden absolutely beat up the 76ers over the weekend 51 points, 13 Rebounds and 13 Assists. The only player in NBA history to average multiple 50 point triple doubles in a season. Harden is my MVP for this season. I don’t care how many triple doubles Westbrook has! (side note he was only 3-17 on Sunday and the Rockets lost to the Pacers)

Golden State also kicked the Clippers in the teeth on Saturday. The Clippers lost by like 48 points. I don’t think trading for Melo will bring them closer to Golden State. They should just stand pat until the season is over.

The Reds are Sliding Some More


I’m supposed to summarise/review the FA Cup results over the weekend. Frankly I don’t care about whatever happened in the FA Cup. I can’t believe that Liverpool could’t break Wolves down. How can Wolves pick us apart? Again, we were too slow at moving the ball. spaces closed up before we could take advantage. I’m really worried. We for sure need new players. Luckily, Mane is done with the Nations cup but honestly, I don’t think he makes too much of a difference. Actually maybe will because I like when he and Firmino press from the front then Lallana can return to midfield which I think is his best position and Origi and Sturridge can keep the bench warm. I trust Klopp when he says now isn’t the time to bring in new people in but he really needs to galvanise the team. Chelsea is next and Honestly I don’t see how we don’t get beat. Anyway lets see how it goes. In God we trust YNWA.

Pro Bowl

I wanted to check the Pro Bowl out over the Weekend (or at least follow the action) but honestly I couldn’t get up for it. I’m looking forward to the Super Bowl next weekend.

New Edition

I saw parts 1 and 2 of the New Edition biopic over the weekend. I will do a review of the first two episodes later in the day.

Have a Good Week!




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