Big Brother Naija Weekly Show: Recap

I caught up with the happenings in Big Brother this evening. As well as watching it to catch up, I was watching it with a review I read in mind. This review went in on different aspects. It talks about the presenters nervousness, the theme song, a performer’s loss of breath and lack of co-ordination, the length of the stage and the response from the crowd. To be honest, I noticed a few of those things but I was watching it for the entertainment value as w whole and I found that the curiosity of anticipating what was to come alone made it entertaining.

Having said that, today I cast a more critical eye on the show and here are my thoughts

The Presenter

It is clear that hosting a live show is something Ebuka doesn’t do so often, I think some of his transitions can be a bit smoother and so can his delivery The whole thing it doesn’t come off as seamless as it should. I however still understand why he was picked for the show and these are kinks that will be ironed out with some more experience. If you haven’t done something before, the only way you can learn how to do it is to well… do it!

The Performance

This is one area where I think the show might suffer a bit by being filmed in South Africa. I feel like the crowd responded better than I expected but I feel like the atmosphere would have been better if the show was being filmed in Nigeria. I can’t imagine a South African audience really getting up for a performance by an up and coming Nigerian artist. I’m sure it costs a lot to fly more established acts out to South Africa so I guess we just have to accept what we have.

The Show Itself

Just to recap, there was a fake eviction and two new housemates were introduced. If the aim was to stir things up, judging from the housemates reactions, it worked. I could see on some of the faces of the housemates that play time was over and they had to come up with a strategy to win which I think will only make it more entertaining for the watching public.

Final Thoughts 

The fact that the show is being filmed in South Africa caused more than its fair share of controversy. I agree that it is a shame that the show is being filmed in South Africa. I however don’t think they will have come to that decision without exploring all avenues for filming in Nigeria. Maybe this will make someone mad enough to build the right facilities to host the next edition in Nigeria.



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